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Full text of "Chisholm genealogy, being a record of the name from A. D. 1254; with short sketches of allied families"

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A.D. 1254 




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The compilation of the accompanying data is the 
result of several years of research and effort on the part 
of the writer, and while it is by no means complete in all 
details, he trusts it will serve as a foundation for a more 
comprehensive and exhaustive work on the subject, 
embracing not only the descendants of Alexander and 
Christina Chisolm, but also the other branches of the 
name in America, all of whom have a common Scottish 
ancestor. In treating of the generations preceding the 
advent of the family into the Colonies, the writer has 
drawn freely from Alexander Mackenzie's History of the 
Chisholms. The record of the name in South Carolina 
has been compiled from sources believed to be authentic, 
including family bibles, parish registers, wills, public 
documents, inscriptions on gravestones, etc. The same 
method has been followed, when available, in connec- 
tion with the accounts of the allied families appearing 
throughout the work. A bibliography of the principal 
authorities consulted will be found at the end of the 
book. If, through any mistake, errors have been made, 
the writer will appreciate being corrected, and will 
cheerfully make addenda to rectify data which he is 
convinced is wrong. 

The writer wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness 


and desires to express his appreciation to the various 
persons who have so kindly contributed data in their 
possession. In conclusion he feels that his efforts will 
not have been in vain if there be awakened a deeper 
interest in the past and a greater veneration for the 
deeds and memories of those who, in periods of stress 
and oppression, endured loss, suffering, expatriation, 
and even death in their attempts to secure for them- 
selves and their posterity the inestimable blessings of 

William Garnett Chisolm. 

925 Cathedral St., Baltimore, Md., 
June, 1914. 


The Arms borne by the Chisolms of South CaroHna, 
described in Crozier's General Armory, page 28, are the 
same as those given by Burke for the Chisholms of 
Strathglass in his Encyclopcedia of Heraldry, viz. : 

Arms : Gules a boar's head erased argent. 

Crest: A dexter hand holding a dagger erect ppr., 
on the point a boar's head couped gules. 

Supporters: Two savages wreathed with laurel 
about the head and loins, with clubs over their shoulders, 

Mottoes: Vi aut virtute; over crest, Feros ferio. 


The Chisolms of South Carolina are descended 
from the cadet house of Knockfin, a branch of the Clan 
Chisholm, which has been established in Inverness-shire 
and neighboring counties for nearly six hundred years, 
being one of the smaller but independent members of 
that great system peculiar to Scottish Gael. In earlier 
days the chiefs of the Clan owned vast estates in the 
Highlands, now decreased through marriage portions 
and alienation; but as late as 1882 Bateman, in his 
Great Landowners of Great Britain and Ireland, placed 
the Chisholm in the first group of forty-four persons 
holding over 100,000 acres. The principal seat of the 
family is Erchless Castle, a stately and picturesque old 
fortalice, situated near the confluence of the Glass and 
Farrar, in a region unsurpassed for its combination of 
sylvan beauty and mountain grandeur — about ten miles 
from the town of Beauly, where, in the midst of a group 
of old trees, stands the ancient Priory, roofless and 
neglected — the burial-place of the Lords of Lovat and 
the Knights of the families of Chisholm and Mackenzie. 
A report of the Clans furnished the Government by 
Duncan Forbes in 1 745 states that the Chisholms could 
then place two hundred fighting men in the field. These 
were mustered from the main house, known as Strath- 


glass, which consisted of the chief and his family, and 
from the several subordinate houses, descendants of 
younger sons of former chieftains (the more important of 
which were Kinneries, Knockfin, and Muckerach) ; while 
in addition there were the retainers and vassals. In 
feudal times these Highland chieftains lived in barbaric 
splendor, making war at pleasure and traveling about 
the country with much pomp and ceremony. When 
paying a visit of state or attending any other important 
function, the chief was always accompanied by a 
numerous retinue — a select bodyguard defended his 
person, also there were his henchman, his bard, his 
spokesman, his sword-bearer, the man who carried him 
over the fords, the leader of his horse, his baggage-man, 
his piper, and the piper's attendants; the principal 
music of the Clan being Failtent-Siosalach — "The 
Chisholm's Salute" — composed in honor of their noted 
hospitality. The family were staunch Jacobites, and 
many members fell on the field of battle, fighting under 
the banner of the unfortunate Stuarts. 

There has been much controversy regarding the 
origin of the Chisholms; some attributing a Gaelic 
descent from Harald, Thane of Caithness, Orkney, and 
Shetland, who flourished in the reign of William, the 
Lion (1196) and married the daughter of Madoch, Earl 
of Athol, the last male descendant of Donald Ban, King 
of Scotland; others stating that the progenitor of the 
family was of Anglo-Norman origin and subsequently 
acquiring lands in the Highlands adopted the customs 
of his Gaelic neighbors, forming, with his tenants, a 
clan, with all the feudal and patriarchal bonds incident 


thereto, as was the case with the Erasers, Bissets, 
Gordons, Bruces, Bahiols, and other powerful Scotch 
houses. This latter theory has been forcibly main- 
tained by William Forbes Skene, Historiographer- 
Royal for Scotland, and is generally in accord with the 
opinions of the older etymologists, genealogists, anti- 
quarians, and heralds, supported as it is by indisputable 
written evidence. The original name is said to have 
been de Chese, to which the Saxon termination "holme " 
was added on the marriage of a Norman ancestor with a 
Saxon heiress, whose lands from situation were so-called. 
In the early records the name is written de Cheseholme, 
de Chesholme, Chisholme, and finally Chisholm. 

While a perusal of the Battle Abbey Roll fails to 
disclose the name of Chisholm, Malcolm, the historian, 
says, "They came soon after the Conquest, a.d. 1066, 
from Tindale, England, and settled in the western dis- 
trict of the county of Roxburghe, formerly included in 
the Old Deanery of Teviotdale and diocese of Glasgow." 
The earliest documentary evidence extant, in which 
mention of the family is made, is a bull of Pope Alexan- 
der IV., in which John de Chisholme is named, a.d. 

I. This John de Chisholme married Emma de 
Vetereponte or Vipount, daughter of William de 
Vipount, Lord of Bolton, who granted them as a 
marriage portion a charter of the lands of Paxtoun, with 
the fishing of Brade-la-Tweed, in the county of Berwick, 
along with the pendicles in the village of Paxtoun and 
the fishings and pertinents thereunto belonging. In 
the inquisition made at Berwick by the officers of 


Edward II., on December 23, 1315, these grants are 
included among the possessions of his grandson, Sir 
John de Chesholme. 


Arms: Gu. six annulets, three, two, and one, or. 

The ancient and honorable family of Vipount, Lords of West- 
moreland by gift from the Conqueror, have long since become 
extinct, and unfortunately there is no definitely authentic and 
satisfactory genealogy of the family from its first appearance in 
England; but during the period from the Conquest until the 
reign of Edward II., these feudal barons wielded considerable 
power over their extensive domains and lived like princes, and 
the mere mention of their names brings up before us stories of 
knightly feats of arms, of the battlefield and tilting-ground. 

William, Lord of Vieuxpont, is the sixth person named in the 
catalogue of nobles who assisted at the Conquest of England, 
1066, and Wace in his Roman de Rou (a metrical history of the 
Duke of Normandy) describes the gallant part which this ancestor 
bore in the battle of Hastings. In 1098 Robert de Vipount was 
one of the Crusaders at the raising of the siege of Antioch. 

Another Robert, Lord of Westmoreland, whose mother was 
Maude, daughter of Hugh de Moreville, was the favorite of King 
John, to whom he remained loyal, receiving large grants of land 
for his services, among which was the barony of Appleby, under 
date of 28 October, 1204, which included, among forty-seven 
others, the Lordship of Bolton, to hold to him and his heirs by the 
wife he then had. He was one of the most important personages 
of his day, being at various times custodian of Windsor Castle; 
Constable of Nottingham Castle ; Sheriff of the counties of Not- 
tingham, Derby, Westmoreland, Wiltshire, Devonshire, and 
Cumberland; Governor of Carlisle; Justice Itinerant for York; 
and Justice of the Court of Common Pleas. He married Idonea, 
daughter and heiress of John de Buily, Lord of Tickhill, and died 


in 1228. From him William de Vipount inherited the Lordship 
of Bolton, and his daughter, Emma, married John de Chisholme. 
The male line of the Vipounts terminated in Robert de 
Vipount, son of John and his wife, Sibella, daughter of William 
Ferrers, Earl of Derby, who was killed at the battle of Evesham, 
while fighting under the banner of Simon de Montfort. His 
property, however, went to his daughters, one of whom, Isabella, 
married Roger de Clifford, whose descendants became Earls of 
Cumberland. Her granddaughter, Idonea de Clifford through 
her marriage to Henry, second Lord Percy, is the ancestress of 
the author on his maternal side. 

John de Chisholme had by his wife, Emma, a son and 

II. Richard de Chesholme, who is described as 
"Del Counte de Rokesburgh. " He bore for his arms, 
as appears by his seal, 1292, a boar's head couped 
contournee. His name is attached to the Bond of 
Fealty to Edward I., known as the Ragman's Roll, 
under date of August 28, 1296, He married with issue: 

1 . John. 

2. Alexander, forfeited at same time as his brother 
{Rotuli ScotcB 10 Edw. III.). 

III. Sir John de Chesholme, Knight, " Del Counte 
de Berwyke, " also signed the Ragman's Roll with his 
father, but afterwards joined Robert the Bruce, by 
whom he was knighted, and fought under his banner in 
1 3 14 at the battle of Bannockburn, where his kinsman. 
Sir William de Vipount, was slain. In consequence of 
this action, his estates were forfeited by Edward II., 
who in a mandate dated at York, 18 April, 131 7, de- 
scribes Sir John as "our Scottish enemy and rebel" 
{Rot. Scot. 2 Edw. II.). However, some of his lands, 


together with several others in Nairn, which had been 
forfeited by the Cummins, were restored and confirmed 
to him and his heirs male by a charter of Robert the 
Bruce, dated in the fourteenth year of his reign (1320). 
He married and had issue, 

IV. Alexander de Chisholme, who is described as 
"Lord of Chisholme in Roxburghe and Paxtoun in 
Berwickshire. " In 1 335 his name appears in a disputed 
case about fishings in the Tweed as "Alexander de Chis- 
holme of that Ilk" {Rot. Scot. 342 and 402). He was 
succeeded by 

V. Sir Robert de Chisholme, Knight, who is 
designated as one of the " Magnates of Scotland. " He 
was knighted by David II., and taken prisoner with 
him at the battle of Neville's Cross, Durham, October 
17, 1346 {Feeder a 20 Edw. III.). He was the first 
of the family of whom any trace is found in the North of 
Scotland. Through his marriage to Anne, daughter 
and heiress of Sir Robert de Lauder, of Quarrel wood, he 
acquired considerable property in Elgin, Nairn, and 


Arms: Within a double tressure arg. and gu., a griffin rampant 
arg. Crest: A tower, portcullis drawn and the head and shoulders of 
a man above the battlements, ppr. Supporters: Two lions rampant 
arg. Mottoes: '' Ut migratius habita;" over the crest-^^ Turris 
prudentia custos.^^ 

The progenitor of this family was an Anglo-Norman baron, 
who accompanied Malcolm Caenmore into Scotland in 1056, in 
his effort to regain the throne from the usurper Macbeth. From 


him descended Sir Robert de Lauder or Lawedre, a close associate 
of Sir William Wallace. He was sent as ambassador to England 
from King Robert I., and in 1323 was one of the proxies of peace 
with Edward II. He was Justiciar of the Lothians and that part 
of Scotland south of the Forth, 1328. In 1333 he was present at 
Hallidon Hill, but was too old to dismount and fight on foot. His 
son, Sir Robert, was Constable of Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness 
and Sheriff of Inverness, and his daughter, Anne, became the 
wife of Sir Robert de Chisholme, Knt. 

Sir Robert had by his wife, Anne de Lauder: 

1 . Sir Robert. 

2. William de Chisholme, who was educated in 
England, later becoming a prominent churchman — 
procurator to Bishop, 1375, and Treasurer of Moray, 
1 360-1 398 {Rot. Scot. I., 8q2, and Eraser's Inverness- 
iana, p. 73). 

VI. Sir Robert de Chisholme, Knight, Lord of 
Chisholme in Roxburghe, was Constable of Urquhart 
Castle, on Loch Ness, and Sheriff of Inverness, re- 
ceiving the appointment in 1359 from David II., by 
whom he had been knighted in 1357 {Chamberlain's 
Rolls, 1359). In 1358 he was Justiciar of Moray 
{Chamberlain's Accounts, vol. i., p. 381), which position 
he was still holding in 1376 {Invernessiana, p. 63). 
His armorial bearings differed from those of his pre- 
decessors and successors. His seal attached to an in- 
strument dated 1362 shows a fesse between three boars' 
heads couped, charged with as many cushions. He 
married Margaret, daughter of Sir Walter Haliburton of 
that Ilk, Berwick. 



Arms: Or. on a bend az. three mascles of the first. Crest: A 
Moor's head ppr. handed arg. Supporters: Two naked Moors ppr. 
handed ahout the head and middle arg. Motto: " Watch well." 

The family of Haliburton of Haliburton in the county of 
Berwick is one of the oldest in the south of Scotland. The first 
on record is Truite, who lived circa 1150. His son, David, in 
1 176, granted certain lands to the Abbey of Kelso. He was 
succeeded by Walter, 1207, whose son, Sir William de Haliburton, 
married Christian, daughter and heiress of Richard de Fawnys, 
with issue, Philip, whose widow, Alice, did homage for her lands 
to Edward I., in 1296. His son was Sir Henry de Haliburton, 
who married Agnes, daughter of Peter de Mordington and died 
about 1320, being succeeded by Sir Adam, who dying 3 Septem- 
ber, 1337, was succeeded by his eldest son. Sir Walter de Hali- 
burton, who was taken prisoner at the battle of Neville's Cross, 
1346, and confined in the Tower and later in Windsor Castle, 
being released with King David in 1357. He was a member of the 
King's Council, High Sheriff of Berwick, 1364, and one of the 
Scottish ambassadors for the treaty of peace between the English 
in 1367. He died 1385. His daughter, Margaret, married Sir 
Robert de Chisholme. 

Sir John Haliburton, brother of Sir Walter, was a brave 
warrior and was killed at Nisbet, 1355 (Fordun, ii., 350). He 
married the daughter and co-heiress of William de Vaux, Lord 
of Dirleton, and left a son. Sir John Haliburton, who died 13C2, 
with issue. Sir Walter, one of the hostages for ransom of King 
James I., 1424, Ambassador Extraordinary to England, Warden 
of the Marches, 1430, High Treasurer of Scotland, 1439 until his 
death in 1449; created Lord Dirleton, 1440; married first Lady 
Margaret, daughter of Archibald, third Earl of Douglas, and 
widow of David, Duke of Rothesay, son of King Robert HL, and 
had a son, Walter Haliburton, who married in 1432, his cousin, 
Catherine, daughter of Alexander de Chisholme. Sir Walter 


married secondly Lady Isabel, widow of Alexander Leslie, Earl of 
Ross, and daughter of Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, Regent of 

Sir Robert de Chisholme left issue : 

1. John de Chisholme, who married Catherine 
Bisset, daughter of Bisset of that Ilk, with issue, an only 
child, Muriel, who married Alexander Sutherland, 
Baron Duff us, great-grandson of Kenneth, Earl of 
Sutherland. John died without male issue. 

2. Alexander, of whom hereafter. 

3. Robert, who married Marion, daughter of Sir 
William Douglas of Drumlanrig, Hawick, and Selkirk; 
ancestor of the Dukes of Queensberry, and his wife, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Robert Stewart of Duris- 
deer. From him were descended the Border Chisholmes, 
who resided at Stirches and Chisholme in Roxburghe- 
shire. This branch of the family were faithful ad- 
herents of Mary Stuart, the unfortunate Queen, being 
actively engaged in her cause during all the civil wars 
of her reign. One of the members, John Chisholme, 
married 5 August, 1736, Margaret, daughter of 
Alexander Scott and his wife, Magdalene Eliott, aunt 
of General Augustus Eliott, Lord Heathfield, the gal- 
lant defender of Gibraltar in 1782. The Roxburghe 
Chisholmes survived until the Boer War, when the 
last of the line, Col. James Scott Chisholme, command- 
ing the Fifth Lancers, fell in the cavalry charge of 
that regiment at Elandslaagte. 

Sir Edmund Chisholm, the youngest son of Robert 
and Marion (Douglas) Chisholme, became the progeni- 
tor of the Cromlix branch, three of whom were Bishops 


of Dunblane — Sir James, who had been Chaplain to 
James III., his brother, William, and their nephew, 
William, who afterwards became Bishop of Vaison in 
France. Another member of this family. Sir James 
Chisholm, was Master of the Household to King James 
VI., and his daughter, Agnes, married the celebrated 
John Napier of Merchistoun, the inventor of logarithms. 
Her brother. Sir James Chisholm, married first Helen 
Stirling, the "Fair Maid of Perth," of poetry and song 
fame, and her daughter, Jane Chisholm, married her 
cousin, Hon. James Drummond, Baron Maderty; their 
grandson. General William Drummond, Major-General 
of the Forces in Scotland and Lord of the Treasury to 
Charles II., being created in 1686 Viscount Strathallan. 
Sir James Chisholm married secondly about 1612 
Margaret, daughter of William, eighth Earl of Glen- 
cairn, and by her had a daughter who married the Earl 
of Lothian. The house of Cromlix is now extinct in 
the male line, but the descendants on the female side 
have formed alliances with many of the leading aristo- 
cratic houses of England and Scotland, the principal 
representatives of which are the Earls of Kinnoul and 
the Earls of Perth, and the famous Drummond bankers 
of London. 

4. Janet, who married 2 January, 1364, Hugh 
Rose, IV. of Kilravock, with issue. 

VII. Alexander de Chisholme succeeded his 
brother, John, as head of the Clan. He likewise was 
Constable of Urquhart Castle, resigning in 1391 in 
favor of his son, Thomas. Through his marriage to 
Margaret de la Aird, Lady of Erchless, his posterity are 


descended from the ancient Kings of Norway and Den- 
mark, as well as the Jarls of Orkney and Caithness. Mar- 
garet de la Aird was the daughter and heiress of Weyland 
de la Aird by his wife, Matilda, daughter and co-heiress 
of Malise, Dei indulgentia Earl of Stratherne oxidjiire 
us oris Earl of Orkney and Caithness, by his third wife, 
Isabella, daughter of Magnus, the fifth Earl of Orkney, 
and his wife, Catherine, Countess of Caithness. This 
Magnus was the son of John, Earl of Orkney, by his wife, 
the daughter of Magnus, King of Norway, and Inge- 
borga, daughter of Eric, King of Denmark (Douglas' 
Peerage of Scotland) . Lady Margaret de la Aird had 
a brother, Alexander, who inherited the Earldom of 
Caithness, which he alienated to Robert II., King of 
Scotland, 1375. He was appointed Captain or Governor 
of Orkney by the King of Norway and died without 
issue about 1376. On the marriage of Lady Margaret 
to Alexander de Chisholme, the latter acquired large 
possessions, a part of which included the lands and 
castle of Erchless. He died leaving issue: 

1 . Thomas. 

2. Margaret, who married in 1401, Angus Mac- 
donald, son of Godfrey of Uist and Garmoran, second 
son of John, first Lord of the Isles, and died without 

VI 1 1. Thomas de Chisholme was one of the secur- 
ities in an agreement dated 2 November, 1389, between 
the "Wolf of Badenoch" and his wife, Euphemia, Coun- 
tess of Ross; the other sureties being Robert, Earl of 
Sutherland and Alexander de Moravia. He succeeded 
his father as Constable of Urquhart Castle in 1391, he 


having become too old and frail to perform the duties of 
that responsible ofhce. Thomas de Chisholme married 
Margaret, daughter of Lauchlan Mackintosh, VIII. of 


Arms: Quarterly, first Or. a lion rampant gu. 2d. Arg. a dexter 
hand jesswise coiiped at wrist, holding a mans heart gu. 3d. Az. a 
boar's head couped or. 4th. Or. a lymphad, oars in saltire, sa. 
Crest: A cat-a-mountain salient guardant ppr. Supporters: Two 
wild cats ppr. Motto: " Touch not the cat hot a glove.'' 

The family of Mackintosh has long been one of prominence in 
the history of Scotland. They are the chief sept and head of the 
Clan Chattan, and are descended from Shaw or Sheagh, who 
accompanied King Malcolm IV. on his expedition to the North, 
and being sent by him in 11 63 to repress a rebellion in Moray, 
which he effected in a signal manner, was awarded the Constabu- 
lary of the Castle of Inverness. He died 11 79, having married 
Giles, daughter of Hugh Montgomery, and left a son, Shaw, who 
was for thirty-six years Constable of Inverness, which he de- 
fended against Reginald, Lord of the Isles. His son, William, was 
much at the court of Alexander II., and accompanied him to 
France when he renewed the ancient league with King Louis. He 
was succeeded by Shaw, who married Helen, daughter of Thane 
of Calder, and dying 1265, left a son, Ferquhard, who had joined 
Alexander III., in his expedition against Haco, King of Norway, 
fighting gallantly at Largs, 1263. He married Mora, daughter of 
Angus-Oig Macdonald, Lord of the Isles and died 1271, as the 
result of a duel. His son, Angus Mackintosh, married Eva, 
daughter of Dougal Phaol, Captain of Clan Chattan, said to be 
descended from ancient Catti of Germany. He was captain in the 
army at the battle of Bannockburn, 1314, and died in his 77th 
year, 1346, being succeeded by William Mackintosh, who was 
with the King at Durham, 1346. He married Finguala, daughter 


of Thane of Calder, and died 1368, being buried in Lockerkaig, 
leaving among other issue, a son, Lauchlan, who married Agnes 
Fraser, sister of Hugh, first Lord Lovat, and became the father 
of Margaret Mackintosh who married Thomas de Chisholme. 

Thomas left issue by Margaret Mackintosh : 

1. Alexander, Lord of Kinrossy, Strathglass, and 
the Aird, who married with issue an only daughter, 
Catherine, who in 1432 married her cousin, Walter 
Haliburton, son of Walter, Lord Dirleton. Through 
her, Walter acquired the barony of Pitcur. 

2. Wiland. 

IX. Wiland de Chisholme, described as "of 
Comar" during his father's lifetime, succeeded to the 
chieftainship and family estates on the death of his 
brother in 1432, and marrying left issue: 

1 . Wiland. 

2. A daughter who married, about 1470, Farquhar 
Farquharson of Invercauld. 

3. A daughter who married Ewen Maclean of 

X. Wiland de Chisholm was said to have been a 
man of remarkable strength and an expert with the 
bow. He was the first of the name to be designated 
The Chisholm, it being the proud boast of the family in 
former days that there were only three persons entitled 
to this prefix — "The Pope, The King, and The Chis- 
holm." Modem authorities state that in spite of the 
use of this title by other Highland chieftains, notably 
The Mackintosh, the head of the Clan Chisholm is the 
only one who by right is entitled to be so designated. 
In 1509, Urquhart Castle, which had been in the family 


for about one hundred and fifty years, passed into the 
hands of the Grants, and in 15 13 we find Wiland, 
accompanied by Sir Donald Gallda and Alastair Mac- 
donald of Glengarry, proceeding to Urquhart, storming 
the castle, expelling the garrison, and laying waste the 
adjoining country, for which act the participants were 
heavily fined. In this same year he received a grant 
from James IV. of the lands of Knockfin, Comar Mor, 
the two Invercannichs, etc., lying in Strathglass and in 
the Earldom of Ross, the precept for infeftment being 
under the Quarter Seal and dated 9 April, 1 5 1 3 . Wiland 
was succeeded in his estates before his death by his son, 

XI. John Chisholm, who, under date of 13 March, 
1538, had a charter under the Great Seal from James V., 
erecting certain of his lands into a barony in favor of 
him and his heirs. He died about 1555, for in that year 
Queen Mary granted to John, Earl of Sutherland, cer- 
tain lands which ''the deceased John Cheisholme held of 
her" {Reg. of Privy Seal, vol. xxvii., p. 103). He was 
succeeded by his son and heir. 

XII. Alexander Chisholm, who had a sasine of the 
family estates on 31 May, 1555, as son and heir of John 
Chisholm. Alexander married Janet Mackenzie, widow 
of ^neas Macdonald, VII. of Glengarry, and daughter 
of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, tenth Baron of Kintail by 
his wife Lady Elizabeth Stewart. 


Arms: Az. a stag's head cabossed or. Crest: A mountain in 
flames, ppr. Supporters: Two savages wreathed about their temples 
and middles with laurel, each holding in his exterior hand a baton 
erect, with fire issuing out of top, all ppr. Motto: ^'Luceo non uro.^' 


The Clan Mackenzie, at present represented by the Earls of 
Seaforth and Cromartie, are of Scoto-Gaelic descent and have 
been conspicuous in the annals of Scotland for nearly seven hun- 
dred years. They claim descent from one Colin, who married 
the daughter of Walter, Lord High Steward of Scotland, 1266. 
His son, Kenneth, became the first Baron of Kintail, and died 
1304, leaving a son, John, who married Margaret, daughter of 
David de Strathbogie, Earl of Athole. He fought under Bruce 
at Inverury, 1308, and died 1328, being succeeded by Kenneth, 
whose son, Murdoch, died 1375, was the father of Murdoch Mac- 
kenzie, died 1416, who married Finguala, daughter of Malcolm 
Macleod of Harris and his wife, Martha, daughter of Donald. Earl 
of Mar, nephew of Robert the Bruce. Murdoch was succeeded 
by his son, Alexander, who was much in favor at court, having 
been educated by the King, whom he later accompanied on his 
expedition to the North in 1426. He died 1488, having married 
first Anne, daughter of John Macdougall of Dunolly, she being 
the mother of Kenneth, VII. of Kintail; secondly, Margaret, 
daughter of Macdonald of Morar, by whom he had a son. Hector 
Roy Mackenzie, ancestor of the Mackenzies of Gairloch. 

Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, VII. of Kintail, was served as heir on 
2 September, 1488, and received the order of knighthood from 
James IV. He married Agnes Eraser, daughter of Hugh, third 
Lord Lovat. His son, John, IX. of Kintail, led the Clan at the 
battle of Flodden Field, and died 1561, being buried at Beauly 
Priory. By his second wife, Elizabeth, daughter of John 
Grant, X. of Grant, he became the father of Sir Kenneth 
Mackenzie, X. of Kintail, who was a firm friend and adherent 
of Queen Mary, married Lady Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of 
John, Earl of Athol, and dying at Killin, 6 June, 1568, was 
buried in Beauly Priory, leaving among other issue, a daughter, 
Janet, who married Alexander Chisholm. 


Arms: Quarterly, one and four. Or. a Jess cheguy, az. and arg. 
for Stewart; two and three. Paly of six, sa. and or. for Athol. Crest: 


A hand holding a key bendways. Supporters: Two savages in 
fetters. Motto: " Furth fortune and fill the fetters. " 

Lady Elizabeth Stewart, above, was the daughter of John 
Stewart, second Earl of Athol, who was killed at Flodden, 15 13, 
and his wife. Lady Mary Campbell, daughter of Archibald, second 
Earl of Argyle, Master of Household, 1490, Chancellor, 1494, 
Lord Chamberlain, 1495, commander of van of Royal army at 
Flodden, 9 September, 15 13, when he was slain; married Lady 
EHzabeth, daughter of John Stewart, Earl of Lennox. (Archibald 
Campbell was the son of CoHn Campbell, created Earl of Argyle, 
1457, Master of Household,^mbassador to Edward IV., 1465, Lord 
Privy Seal, Lord High Chancellor, ambassador at Court of France, 
1484, died 1493, and was descended from Sir Neill Campbell and 
his wife. Lady Marjory Bruce, sister of King Robert the Bruce.) 

Sir John Stewart, second Earl of Athol, was the son of Sir 
John Stewart, (who was created Earl, 1457, ambassador to Eng- 
land, 1463, one of the conservators of the peace with that nation, 
1484, principal commander in army of King James HL, against 
his son and the rebel lords, 1488, died 19 September, 1512, and 
was buried in Dunkeld Cathedral) by his second wife. Lady 
Eleanor Sinclair, daughter of William, Earl of Orkney. This John 
was the son of Sir James Stewart, the Black Knight of Lorn, who 
in 1439 married Lady Joan de Beaufort, widow of James L, of 
Scotland, and daughter of Sir John de Beaufort, K.G., Duke of 
Somerset and Marquis of Dorset, Constable of Dover Castle, 
Warden of Cinque Ports, Lord Chamberlain of England and Lord 
High Admiral, died 1409-10, by his wife, Lady Margaret Holland, 
daughter of Thomas, Earl of Kent, Earl Marshall of England, 
and his wife, Alice, daughter of Richard Fitz-Alan, Earl of Arun- 
del. Thomas Holland was the son of Thomas Holland, captain- 
general of France and Normandy, who died 28 December, 1360, 
having married that celebrated beauty, "The Fair Maid of 
Kent," Joan Plantagenet, daughter of Edmund, Earl of Kent, 
second son of Edward HL She afterwards became the wife of 
Edward, the Black Prince. 


Sir James Stewart, the Black Knight, was the son of Sir John 
Stewart, 1407, son of Sir Robert of Innermeath, 1386, third son 
of Sir James Stewart, who fell at Halidonhill, 19 July, 1333, 
seventh son of Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl, born 1246, had a 
command in Scots army, and while giving orders to the archers 
at battle of Falkirk, 22 July, 1298, was thrown from his horse and 
slain, and his men rather than desert his body all fell around him. 
He was the brother of James Stewart, first of the Royal line in 
Scotland, and son of Alexander, fourth Lord High Steward, who 
led the right wing of the army at the battle of Largs, 1263, where 
the Danish power was finally shattered. 

Alexander Chisholm died about 1590, and left issue: 

1. Thomas, XV. chief of the clan, who married 
12 April, 1578, Janet Fraser, daughter of James Fraser 
of Phoineas, brother of Hugh, fifth Lord Lovat, and 
died without male issue. 

2. John. 

3. Wiland "of Comar." 

XIII. John Chisholm, who was served as heir to 
his father on 19 December, 1590, married first Janet 
Bayne, by whom he had no issue; secondly, the eldest 
daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, progenitor of the 
families of Coul and Applecross, by his second wife, 
Christian, daughter of Hector Munro of Assynt. John 
left issue by Miss Mackenzie: 

1 . Alexander. 

2. Thomas I. of Kinneries, who married, 1630, his 
cousin, Catherine, fourth daughter of Roderick Mac- 
kenzie, I. of Redcastle and his wife, Florence, daughter 
of Robert Munro, 15th Baron of Fowlis. 

3. Agnes, who married William Rose of Clava 


(who died 13 August, 1664), second son of William 
Rose, XI. of Kilravock, with issue. 

4. A daughter who married Alexander Rose of 
Cantray, brother of William, who married her sister, 

5. A daughter who married about 1625 Maclean of 

John was succeeded by his son and heir, 

XIV. Alexander Chisholm, who married in 1639 
his cousin, a daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, V. of 
Gairloch, a descendant of Alexander Mackenzie, VI. of 
Kintail, by his second wife, Margaret, daughter of 
Macdonald of Morar. Alexander left issue : 

1. Angus, colonel of troops in sheriffdom of 
Inverness, 1658, married Margaret, daughter of Mur- 
doch Mackenzie, II. of Redcastle, without issue. 

2. Alexander, who succeeded his brother as XIX. 
chief, and marrying the eldest daughter of Roderick 
Mackenzie, I. of Applecross, carried on the families of 
Chisholm of Strathglass and Muckerach. 

3. Colin, progenitor of the house of Knockfin. 

4. A daughter who married Fraser of Belladrum. 

XV. Colin Chisholm, I. of Knockfin, was the 
leader of the Clan at the local battle of Aridhuiean, near 
Fasnakyle House, between the Camerons and Mac- 
millans on the one side and the Chisholms on the other, 
which resulted in a complete victory of the men of 
Strathglass and Knockfin over those of Lochaber. Colin 
married 24 June, 1662, Mary, second daughter of 
Patrick Grant, IV. of Glenmoriston. 



Arms: Gu. three antique crowns, or. Crest: A mountain in 
flames ppr. Supporters: Two naked savages, wreathed ppr. Motto: 
^' Stand firm." 

The surname of Grant, now represented by the Earl of Sea- 
field, is of great antiquity in Scotland, and we have incontestable 
proof that they were a powerful family and took an important 
part in affairs as early as seven hundred years ago. The first on 
record is Gregorius de Grant, Sheriff of Inverness in reign of 
Alexander III., 12 15. He married Mary Bisset, daughter of Lord 
Lovat (Bisset). His son, Sir Lawrence de Grant, 1258, was the 
father of Sir John de Grant, a brave patriot, who joined Sir 
William Wallace in defense of the liberties of Scotland. He was 
apprehended by King Edward I., and carried a prisoner to London, 
being liberated, 1297. His son, Sir John de Grant, was one of the 
valiant knights in the army of relief at Berwick, when that town 
was besieged by Edward III., 1333. He died, leaving issue. Sir 
John de Grant, one of the ambassadors to Court of France to re- 
new the ancient league, 1359, also sent to Court of England, 1366. 
He was succeeded in turn by Sir Robert, 1385, Malcolm, and Sir 
Duncan, who married Muriel, daughter of Malcolm, Lord of 
Mackintosh. His son, John Grant, joined the Earls of Huntly, 
Errol, and Marshall to assistance of James III., 1488, and died 
1508, leaving issue among others, John Mor Grant, ancestor of 
the Grants of Glenmoriston. His son, John, died 31 March, 1637, 
and was father of Patrick Grant, died 1643, who married Mar- 
garet, daughter of Eraser of Culbokie, leaving among other issue, 
John Grant, who married Janet, daughter of Sir Ewen Cameron of 
Lochiel, and Mary Grant, who married Colin Chisholm.. 

Colin had issue : 

I. John, commander of the Clan at the battle of 
Sheriffmuir, 17 15, owing to the youth of the chief, 


2. Archibald "of Fasnakyle." 

3. Alexander "of Buntait." 

XVI. Archibald Chisholm of Fasnakyle House 
married first a daughter of Kenneth Macrae of Achter- 
tyre, and secondly sl daughter of Fraser of Aigais. He 
had issue by first marriage: 

1. Kenneth who married Mary, daughter of 
George Mackenzie of AUangrange. 

2. Alexander. 

3. A daughter who married Alexander Chisholm of 

Issue by second marriage: 

4. Kenneth. 

5. Alexander who married Miss Grant. 

6. Daughter who married Colin Chisholm, IV. of 

XVII. Alexander Chisholm married Janet, the 
daughter of Fraser of Ballindorn, brother of Captain 
Hugh Fraser of Eskadale and son of Alexander Fraser 
of Eskadale. 


Arms: Az. three fraser s, arg. Crest: A buck's head erased ppr. 
Supporters: Two bucks ppr. Motto: above "/e suis prest.' 

This illustrious Scottish family derives its descent from Gilbert 
de Frisel or Fraser, a Norman, who held lands in East Lothian in 
1080. His grandson, Bernard Fraser, son of Gilbert, was a 
tenant-in-chief to King David I., and was appointed High Sheriff 
of Stirling, 1234. His wife was Mary, daughter of Gilchrist, 
Thane of Angus by Princess Marjorie, sister of Kings William 
the Lion and Malcolm IV., and daughter of Prince Henry and 
Adelina, daughter of William de Warren, Earl of Surrey, 11 14. 


Bernard's son, Sir Gilbert Fraser of Oliver Castle, was Sheriff, 
and " Vice-comes " of Traquair, 1250, and had three sons: i. Sir 
Simon, knighted by Alexander III., High Sheriff of Tweeddale 
and Member of Parliament, died 1291. 2. Sir Andrew, of whom 
hereafter. 3. William, Chancellor of Scotland, 1274-80, and 
Bishop of St. Andrew's, 1279 until his death in 1297. 

Sir Andrew Fraser, above, died 1308, was Sheriff of Stirling, 
1291-3, married Beatrix of Caithness, an heiress, and was the 
father of Simon Fraser, who fought with Robert the Bruce, and 
was later killed at Halidon Hill, 19 July, 1333. He married 
Margaret, daughter of John, Earl of Orkney. His son, Hugh 
Fraser, married Isabel, daughter of Sir David Wemyss of that 
Ilk, and was the father of Agnes, who married Lauchlan Mackin- 
tosh, whose daughter, Margaret, married Thomas de Chisholme 
VIII., and of Hugh, first Lord Lovat, born 1374, died 1440, 
married 14 16, Janet Fenton, sister of William, Lord Fenton. 
Hugh was one of the hostages for James I., 1424; Sheriff of In- 
verness, 1431 ; and was created a Lord of Parliament by James I. 
His son, Hugh, second Lord Lovat, married Lady Janet Dunbar, 
daughter of Thomas, Earl of Moray, 1422, and his son, Hugh, 
third Lord Lovat, married Lady Margaret Lyon, daughter of 
Lord Glamys, with issue among others, Agnes, who married Sir 
Kenneth Mackenzie, VII. of Kintail, and Thomas Fraser, 
fourth Lord Lovat, who held the office of Justiciar of the North 
in the reign of James IV. and marrying Lady Janet Gordon, 
daughter of Sir Alexander Gordon, brother of the Earl of Huntly, 
died 21 October, 1524, leaving issue, among others, Hugh, fifth 
Lord Lovat, and James Fraser, whose daughter, Janet Agnes, 
married Thomas Chisholm, XV. of Strathglass. 

Hugh, fifth Lord Lovat, married Lady Janet Ross, and these 
were the parents of William Fraser, first Lord Struy, whose son, 
Thomas, married Margaret Fraser, daughter of William of Cul- 
bokie, and his wife, Christina Chisholm, and was the father of 
Hugh Fraser of Eskadale, who was in turn the father of Alexander 
Fraser, supra, whose granddaughter married Alexander Chisholm, 


Alexander Chisholm and his wife emigrated to Carolina 
about 1 71 7, and settled near Charles Town, on the 
Wando or Cooper River. The rising in 1715 under the 
Earl of Mar had been repulsed, and Roderick Chisholm, 
chief of the Clan, had been forfeited by the King for his 
participation therein, and no doubt a home in the New 
World offered more inducements to a free spirit than 
the unsettled condition of affairs in the Highlands. 
Alexander died and left a son, 

XVIII. Alexander Chisolme of Charles Town, 
who married 26 February, 1742 {St. Philip's Parish 
Register, p. 185), Judith Radcliffe, the beauty of Wando, 
and died September, 1772 (records kept by Col. 
Isaac Hayne in S. C. His. Soc. Mag., vol. x., p. 167), 
leaving issue : 

XIX. I. Ann Chisolm born 31 December, 1743, 
died 2^ November, 1806, married 8 April, 1759, Dr. 
Robert Wilson, born in Cupar, Fife, 2 April, 1732 
or 1736, studied medicine in Edinburgh and later at 
University of Moscow, 1754, but upon the outbreak 
of the Seven Years' War in 1755 he emigrated to 
Charles Town and died 26 August, 18 15, leaving 
issue : 

XX. I. Judith Isabel, born 8 January, 1760, died 
II December, 1838, married 14 September, 1782, her 
cousin. Lieutenant John Wilson, son of James Wilson, 
architect of Stirling, Scotland. 

2. Alexander, born 3 November, 1761, died 

2 February, 1762. 

3. Samuel, born 24 January, 1763, died 14 

March, 1827, married five times. 


4. James, born i6 July, 1767, died 27 June, 


5. Anne, born 31 January, 1767, died 26 

February, 1805, and married 14 July, 
1785, Stephen Mazyck. 

6. Janet Christina, born 17 October, 1768, 

died II July, 1770. 

7. Robert, born 10 July, 1770, died 11 

March, 1821, married 2 April, 1797, 
Elizabeth Le Serurier Mazyck. 

8. Mary Philip, born 4 June, 1772, died 21 

April, 1844, married 21 January, 1808, 
William Hasell Gibbes. 

9. Alexander, born 14 November, I774> 

died 14 June, 1775. 

10. Hugh Rose, born 11 July, 1775, died 

July, 1779. 

11. Alexander Chisolm, bom 11 January, 

1777, died 1778. 

12. Janet, born 20 August, 1778, died De- 

cember, 1778. 

13. John, born 8 July, 1780, died November, 


14. Christina, born 18 September, 1781, died 

May, 1783. 

15. Isabel Susannah, born 21 September, 

1785, died 3 August, 18 16, married 
28 November, 18 12, William Boyd, a 

16. James, born 31 August, 1788, married 


Mary Waring d. s. p. 13 November, 

XIX. 2. Christina Chisolm, born 21 November, 
1745, of whom hereafter. 

3. Alexander Chisolm, born 30 May, 1747. 

4. Judith Chisolm, born 14 June, 1748. 
(These births were entered in Parish Register, 24 

October, 1748, at the request of their parents by John 
Remington, Registrar of St. Philip's.) 

XIX. 2. Christina Chisolm, born 21 November, 
1745, died between 1778 and 1786, married 5 October, 
1766 as his first wife, Alexander Chisolm, Jr., of 
Charles Town. 

Alexander Chisolm, Jr., was born in Inverness-shire, 
Scotland, in 1 738-9. He is said to have been a member 
of the Knockfin branch of the Clan, and although I have 
no proof to offer, I am inclined to believe that he is the 
"(7) Alexander, Junior,'' mentioned on page 155 of 
Mackenzie's History of the Chisholms, as the son of 
John Ban and Catherine (Macrae) Chisholm, who was 
the second son of Alexander of Bunt ait, heretofore 
mentioned. Alexander emigrated to Carolina at an 
early age, about 1746, accompanied by his mother, and 
his youthful departure from Scotland may account for 
the fact that nothing is known of him by the Scotch 
genealogists. Through his marriage to Christina 
Chisolm he acquired much property, a part of which 
was known as Chisolm's Island, over seven miles long 
and containing some 4000 acres. 

He married secondly 11 June, 1786 {Charleston 
Gazette, Thursday, 15 June, 1786), Mrs. Sarah Maxwell, 


widow of the deceased William Maxwell, Esq., of Edisto 
Island, but by this marriage he had no issue. By her 
former husband, however, Mrs. Maxwell had had three 
children, Sarah Glaze Maxwell, who became the wife 
of Alexander Robert Chisolm, Mrs. Peter Maxwell, and 
Mrs. Jane Inglis. 

Alexander Chisolm, Jr., died lo December, 1810, and 
was buried in the Scotch Presbyterian Church at the 
corner of Meeting and Tradd Sts., Charleston, the 
following inscription being found upon his tomb : 

" Here are deposited the remains of Alexander Chisolm, Esq., 
a native of Inverness in Scotland, gifted with a vigorous mind and 
a lively fancy. He was in temper, cheerful; in conversation 
engaging; and in manner, social, liberal, benevolent, active. He 
discharged the duties of his station with diligence and integrity, 
and uniformly maintained a respectable standing in society. As a 
member of the Presbyterian Church, his piety was rational and his 
morals without reproach. Attached to its tenets and observant 
of its rights, he was tolerant of those who embraced a differ- 
ent system of faith and discipline. After a long, useful, and 
exemplary life, he departed this transitory state on loth Decem- 
ber, 1 8 10, in the 72d year of his age, endeared to his acquaintances 
and lamented by his family. 

His surviving sons have erected this monument to his 
memory as a frail memorial of their filial piety." 

His will is recorded in Will Book E, 1807-18 18, page 
172, in the office of Judge of Probate, Charleston County, 
South Carolina. It gives his wife, Mrs. Sarah Chisolm, 
his house and lot in Charleston, where he lived, also 
plantation at Combahee, farm on James Island, etc., 
for her life. After her death, property is to be sold 


and divided as follows: One-fifth each to his sons, 
Alexander Robert Chisolm, Dr. William Chisolm, George 
Chisolm, Dr. Robert Trail Chisolm, and Captain Thomas 
Chisolm. He gives his slaves to his wife for life, after 
her death to be sold and the proceeds divided between 
her two surviving children by her former marriage, as 
follows: "To Mrs. Sarah Maxwell Chisolm, wife of 
Alexander Robert, one half, and the remaining one 
half to Mrs. Peter Maxwell, at present residing in State 
of Rhode Island. As the two children of Mrs. Jane 
Inglis, deceased, who was another of my wife's children 
by a former marriage, will be entitled to the fortune of 
their mother by virtue of her marriage settlement, and 
as they have both been adopted by their Uncle Alexan- 
der Inglis, Esq., I leave them nothing." He appointed 
his sons, Alexander Robert, Dr. William, and George, 
his executors. His will is dated, September ii, 1810, 
and proved 4 January, 181 1, and at the same time 
qualified Alexander Robert Chisolm, Executor; on 25 
January, 181 1, George qualified; and on 25 February, 
181 1, Dr. William. 

He left issue by first marriage : 

XX. I. Alexander Robert Chisolm, born 1767. 

2. William Chisolm, born 8 December, 1770. 

3. George Chisolm, born 19 February, 1772. 

4. Robert Trail Chisolm. 

5. Captain Thomas Chisolm, born , 

died, 1 8 16, unmarried. 

6. Ann Chisolm. 


Line of Alexander Robert Chisolm 

XX. I. Alexander Robert Chisolm, born 1767, 
married 6 July, 1789, Sarah Glaze Maxwell, died 18 14, 
daughter of William Maxwell, of Edisto Island. He 
inherited the extensive plantations of the family in 
Carolina and Georgia, and died, 10 February, 1815, and 
is buried at Sheldon Church, near Beaufort, S. C, 
leaving issue : 

XXI. I. Christina Chisolm, born 5 April, 1790, 
died I July, 18 14, unmarried. 

2. Sarah Maxwell Chisolm, born 22 July, 

1792, died 1820, married 31 Decem- 
ber, 1 819, Allston Gibbes, born 14 
February, 1793, died 21 July, 1822, 
son of William Hasell and Elizabeth 
(Allston) Gibbes, no issue. 

3. Alexander Robert Chisolm, born 24 

December, 1794, died 27 October, 
1827, married Ellen Gaillard, no issue. 

4. William Maxwell Chisolm, born 17 

December, 1796, died 3 October, 

5. John Maxwell Chisolm, born 9 May, 

1799, of whom hereafter. 

6. Thomas Chisolm, born 3 May, 1800, 

died 5 July, 1801. 

7. James Chisolm, born 6 February, 1803, 

died 16 July, 1804. 

8. Edward Neufville Chisolm, born 14 Feb- 

ruary, 1805, of whom hereafter. 


9. Robert Chisolm, born 25 March, 1807, 
of whom hereafter. 

10. Jane Chisolm, born 2 September, 1808, 

died October, 18 14 (twin). 

11. Jane Ann Chisolm, born 2 Septem- 

ber, 1808, died 2 October, 1815 
(twin) . 

12. George Chisolm, born March, 18 10, 

died October, 1811. 

13. Alfred Maxwell Chisolm, born 24 Nov- 

ember, 1812, died October, 18 17. 

XXI. 5. John Maxwell Chisolm, bom 9 May, 
1799, died 5 July, 1848, married Ann Jane North (who 
married secondly as his second wife, 27 July, 1858, 
William Cattell Bee, no issue), with issue: 

XXII. I. Edward North Chisolm, died in infancy. 

2. John Maxwell Chisolm, married Mrs. 

Marie (Whaley) Walker, no living 

3. Robert Thurston Chisolm, died in 


4. Alfred Chisolm, married Eliza Drayton 

North, with issue: 

XXIII. I. Valeria North Chisolm. 

2. Lucy Virginia Chisolm. 

3. James North Chisolm. 

4. Eliza Drayton Chisolm, married John 

T. Mclver. 
XXII. 5. Jane Caroline Chisolm, married John A. 
Crawford, issue: 


XXIII. Daniel Crawford. 

XXII. 6. Susan Emma Chisolm, married Peter 
C. Porcher, no issue. 

7. Laurens North Chisolm, married Valeria 
North Bee, daughter of William Cat- 
tell Bee, and his first wife, Rebecca 
Hutchinson Stock, issue: 

XXIII. I. Ann Jane Chisolm, married Charles 
Heyward Jervey , issue : 

XXIV. Charles Heyward Jervey. 

XXIII. 2. Alice Rebecca Chisolm, married John 
G. Prioleau, issue: 

XXIV. I . Valeria Chisolm Prioleau. 
2. Alice Chisolm Prioleau. 

XXIII. 3. Susan Emma Chisolm. 

4. Valeria Laurens Chisolm. 

5. Edward Chisolm. 

XXI. 8. Edward Neufville Chisolm, son of Alex- 
ander Robert and Sarah (Maxwell) Chisolm, was born 
in Charleston, 14 February, 1805, died at Grahamville, 
S. C, I September, 1836, married, 17 May, 1835, Mary 
Elizabeth Hazzard, born 181 1, died 3 November, 1838, 
second daughter of Major William Wigg Hazzard of 
Hazzard's Neck, Port Royal, S. C, aide-de-camp to 
General Anthony Wayne. Edward Chisolm and his 
wife are both buried at Sheldon Church, near Beau- 
fort, S. C. He left issue: 

XXII. I. Colonel Alexander Robert Chisolm, 
born at Beaufort, 19 November, 1834, died in New York 
City, 10 March, 1910, married 7 April, 1875, Helen 
Margaret Schieffelin, widow of William Irving Graham 


(by whom she had two daughters), and daughter of 
General Richard Lawrence SchieffeHn. 


Arms: Tierce per f esse sable and or, on three piles, tivo conjoined 
with one between, transposed invected counter changed, as many 
cross-crosslets of first. Crest: A pascal lamb passant, croivned with 
glory, cross, staff, and pennion ppr. Motto: ^' Per fidem et 

The family of Schieffelin are of German origin and were 
prominent in the affairs of Nordlingen as early as 1269. The 
first to visit America was Jacob, of Weilheim an der Deck, who 
died 1746, the year in which his son, Jacob (i 732-1 769) came to 
Philadelphia. He had a son, Jacob Schieffelin III., born 24 August 
1757, married 1780, Hannah, daughter of John and Ann (Burling) 
Lawrence ; held a commission in British army ; founded the present 
drug and chemical business, and dying 15 April, 1835, left issue 
among others: 

1. Henry Hamilton Schieffelin born 1783, whose grandson, 
William Henry Schieffelin, Major First New York Mounted 
Rifles, 1863, married Mary, daughter of Hon. John Jay, Minister 
to Austria, and granddaughter of Hon. John Jay, Chief Justice of 
United States. 

2. Effingham Schieffelin, born 17 February, 1791, lawyer, 
member of Common Council, married 1813, Mary, daughter of 
Caspar Lander, and his grandson, Charles (Miller) Schieffelin, 
married 27 April, 1871, Mary Fredericka Chisolm, eldest daugh- 
ter of William Edings and Mary Ann (Rogers) Chisolm. 

3. Richard Lawrence Schieffelin, born 9 November, 1801, 
graduated Columbia College, 18 19, lawyer, member of Common 
Council, President of the Board, 1843-44; Brigadier-General, 
State Militia, prominent member of Protestant Episcopal Church, 
being a delegate to Diocesan Convention for over sixty years, 
married 3 August, 1833, Margaret Helen, daughter of Captain 


George Knox McKay, U. S. Artillery, and his wife, Sarah 
Cunningham, and died 21 November, 1889, leaving issue among 
others : 

1. George Richard Schieffelin, who married Julia Matilda, 
daughter of Hon. Isaac C. Delaplaine. 

2. Helen Margaret Schieffelin, born 7 May, 1841, married 
first, 21 June, 1866, William Irving Graham, who died 21 
August, 1873; secondly, 7 April, 1875, Col. Alexander Robert 

Alexander Robert Chisolm was educated at Colum- 
bia College, New York, and in 1852, returned South to 
take charge of the plantations and 250 slaves which he 
had inherited from his father. At the outbreak of the 
Civil War, Governor Pickens offered him a lieutenant- 
colonelcy in the South Carolina troops, which he ac- 
cepted, being assigned to duty on the staff of General 
G. T. Beauregard. He was one of the officers who 
demanded the surrender of Fort Sumter and ordered 
the firing of the first gun. Colonel Chisolm served with 
distinction throughout the war, and at its close, signed 
at Greensboro, N. C, in the name of General Joseph E. 
Johnston, the parole of the Confederate troops in his 
command east of the Mississippi River. In 1869, he 
removed to New York and established the Financial 
and Mining Record in connection with a bond and stock 
brokerage business, General Thomas Jordan (who had 
been Beauregard's adjutant-general) becoming the edi- 
tor. He was a prominent clubman and had beautiful 
estates at Morristown, N. J., and Southampton, Long 
Island. By his wife, he left issue: 

XXIII. Richard Schieffelin Chisolm, born 4 Sep- 


tember, 1876, married 1901, Mary Lockwood, daughter 
of William H. Boardman of New York, with issue: 

XXIV. I. Helen Schieffelin Chisolm, born 21 
February, 1903. 

2. Frances Boardman Chisolm, bom 26 
May, 1906. 
XXII. 2. Sarah Constance Chisolm, who married 
Edward North Thurston, and died of yellow fever in 
1858, without issue. 

XXI. 9. Robert Chisolm, son of Alexander 
Robert and Sarah (Maxwell) Chisolm, born 25 March, 
1807, died 7 November, 1880, married Louisa Screven 
Guerard, eldest daughter of Jacob and Alice (Screven) 
Guerard, died 7 November, 1881, issue: 

XXII. I. Alice Chisolm, died in infancy. 

2. Robert Chisolm, born 4 October, 1843, 

of whom hereafter. 

3. Alexander Robert Chisolm, born 7 Jan- 

uary, 1845, died 14 November, 1868, 

4. George Heyward Chisolm, born 2"] 

June, 1846, died 7 March, 1863, 

5. Alice Cuthbert Chisolm, born 11 Feb- 

ruary, 1848, died 31 May, 19 10, mar- 
ried November, 1876, Arthur Per- 
roneau Prioleau, M.D., issue: 

XXIII. I. Elizabeth Harleston Prioleau, born 25 
December, 1877, died 1908, married Wade Hampton 
Logan of Charleston, no issue. 

2. Alice Chisolm Prioleau, born 1879, 


married Charles P. Paul of Beaufort, 
issue : 
XXIV. I. Charles Paul. 
2. Arthur Paul. 

XXIII. 3. Jacob Ford Prioleau, born 1881. 

4. Louisa Guerard Prioleau, born 1882, 
married Christopher P. Gadsden of 
Charleston, issue: 

XXIV. Elizabeth Prioleau Gadsden. 

XXII. 6. Edward North Chisolm, born 25 April, 
1850, married 3 December, 1874, Felicia Hurtel Robin- 
son, born 2 June, 1847, eldest daughter of Murray and 
Felicia Jeanne (Hurtel) Robinson, issue: 

XXIII. I. Felicia Robinson Chisolm, born 30 
August, 1875. 

2. Louisa Guerard Chisolm, bom 10 Oct- 
ober, 1876, married Patillo Farrow 
of Charleston, 5 November, 1902, 
issue : 

XXIV. Louisa Chisolm Farrow, bom 5 March, 

XXIII. 3. Edward North Chisolm, bom 2 April, 
1878, married Annie Duncan Weston of Columbia, 
S. C, issue: 

XXIV. Fehcia North Chisolm, born 8 October, 

XXIII. 4. Charlotte Hayden Chisolm, bom i 
November, 1879, married W. A. McCrea of New 
Rochelle, N. Y., issue: 

XXIV. Alfred Chisolm McCrea, bom 10 Decem- 
ber, 1903. 


XXIII. 5. Alice Maxwell Chisolm, born 6 Decem- 
ber, 1 88 1, unmarried. 

XXII. 7. William Maxwell Chisolm of Brenham, 
Texas, born 29 April, 1852, married Annabel Allen, 
issue : 

XXIII. I. Robert Chisolm married Jennie May 

2. Guy Maxwell Chisolm. 

3. Dorothy Chisolm. 

4. Maxwell Chisolm. 

5. Annabel Chisolm. 

6. Sarah Hunter Chisolm. 

XXII. 8. Frederick Fraser Chisolm, born 19 Feb- 
ruary, 1854, died April, 1910. 

9. Louisa Isabel Chisolm, born 19 March, 
1858, died 26 July, 1913, married 
William Marion Heyward of Savan- 
nah, Ga., no issue. 

10. Christopher Gadsden Chisolm, born 

29 August, i860, died 18 September, 

11. Benjamin Guerard Chisolm, born 3 

November, 1862, died 22 September, 
XXII. 2. Robert Chisolm, son of Robert and 
Louisa (Guerard) Chisolm, born 4 October, 1843, died 
25 March, 1910, married 28 June, 1865, Margaret Horry 
Laurens, born 19 December, 1846, died 14 December, 
1906, daughter of John and Eliza (Rutledge) Laurens. 




The Laurens family of South Carolina, so prominent in Revo- 
lutionary times, are of French extraction, the immediate ancestor 
being Dr. Andrew du Laurens, physician to Henry IV., of Navarre, 
King of France. He died in 1609, leaving a son, Andrew, who, 
accompanied by his wife, Mary, fled from Rochelle, France, and 
settled in New York. Their oldest son, John Laurens, was born 
30 March, 1696, and marrying Esther Grossett, born in New York, 
2 April, 1700, moved to Charles Town, arriving 20 May, 17 16. 
He was the father of Col. Henry Laurens, born 24 February, 1724, 
married Eleanor Ball, born 10 April, 1731, daughter of Elias Ball 
(1709-1786). He was President of Council of Safety, 1774, 
member of First Provincial Congress, 1775; drafted form of 
association to be signed by all those who favored independence ; 
Vice-President of South Carolina under new Constitution, 1776; 
delegate to Continental Congress, of which he was elected Presi- 
dent, I November, 1777. In 1779 he was appointed Minister 
Plenipotentiary to the Netherlands, captured on voyage by Eng- 
lish and imprisoned in Tower of London, later being exchanged 
for Lord Cornwallis. In 178 1 appointed one of the commissioners 
to negotiate peace with England, the others being Benjamin 
Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams. He died 8 December, 1792, 
his body being the first to be cremated in America. He left issue 
among others : 

1 . Lieut. -Col. John Laurens, born 28 October, 1 754, a gallant 
and brave officer, aide-de-camp to General George Washington; 
fought duel with General Charles Lee; in 1781 sent by Washing- 
ton to France to obtain aid for Colonies, which he effected in a 
signal manner. He received sword from Lord Cornwallis at 
surrender of Yorktown, 17 October, 1781, and met his death 
during skirmish on Combahee River, 27 August, 1782. 

2. Henry Laurens, born 25 August, 1763, married 26 May, 
1792, EHza Rutledge, daughter of Hon. John Rutledge, President 
of South CaroHna,' Chief Justice of United States, with issue: 
John Ball Laurens, bom 22 April, 1799, married 30 October, 1823, 


Caroline Olivia Ball. These were the parents of John Laurens 
born i6 September, 1824, married 5 February, 1846, Eliza 
Rutledge Laurens, granddaughter of Henry and Eliza (Rutledge) 
Laurens, and their daughter, Margaret Horry Laurens, born 19 
December, 1846, married 28 June, 1865, Robert Chisolm, Jr. 

Robert Chisolm had issue : 

XXIII. I. John Laurens Chisolm, bom 21 Janu- 
ary, 1867, died 20 September, 1876. 

2. Eliza Laurens Chisolm, bom 16 Sep- 

tember, 1870, married 29 April, 1896, 
Bernard Robertson Guest, of Rich- 
mond, Va. 

3. Robert Chisolm, born 11 December, 

1873, died II December, 1873. 

4. Margaret Horry Laurens Chisolm, born 

6 June, 1876, died 17 October, 1876. 

5. John Laurens Chisolm, born 17 Feb- 

ruary, 1878, married 17 June, 1908, 
Frances Moore Burwell. 

6. Margaret Laurens Chisolm, born 5 

December, 1878, died 30 May, 1879. 

7. Louisa Screven Chisolm, bom 8 Nov- 

ember, 1879, married 7 June, 1900, 
Daniel Elliott Huger, of Charleston, 
son of William E. Huger, issue: 

XXIV. Daniel E. Huger, Jr. 

XXIII. 8. Alexander Robert Chisolm, born 18 
July, 1 88 1. 

9. Henry Laurens Chisolm, born 26 May, 
1883, married 19 August, 1908, Mary 
Agnes Jackson. 


10. Caroline Ball Chisolm, bom 20 Feb- 

ruary, 1885, married 7 March, 1906, 
Robert E. Cotton. 

11. Heyward Chisolm, born 12 April, 1886. 

12. Margaret Horry Chisolm, bom 27 July, 


Line of William Chisolm, M.D. 

XX. 2. William Chisolm, M.D., born in Char- 
leston, 8 December, 1770, died in New York, 3 Sep- 
tember, 1 82 1, second son of Alexander and Christina 
Chisolm, married Marianne Porcher. He is buried in 
Scotch Presbyterian Churchyard in Charleston. Issue : 

XXI. I. Charlotte Porcher Chisolm, born 25 
October, 1809, married Joseph Edings and died 3 
December, 1834, without issue. 

2. Harriet Chisolm, married Elias Horl- 
beck, with issue: 

XXII. I. William Chisolm Horlbeck, married 
Elizabeth Lucas, issue: 

XXIII. I. Henrietta Horlbeck, married Thomas 

2. Katherine Horlbeck, unmarried. 

3. Marian Horlbeck, died unmarried. 

4. Maria Louise Horlbeck. 

5. William Chisolm Horlbeck. 

XXII. 2. Maria Louise Horlbeck, married as 
second wife Robert George Chisolm, son of Robert 
Trail and Harriet Emily (Schutt) Chisolm, no issue. 

XXII. 3. Charlotte Porcher Horlbeck, married 
John Calhoun Cain, issue: 


XXIIL I. Elias Horlbeck Cain. 

2. Harriet Cain. 
XXII. 4. Henry Horlbeck, M.D., unmarried. 

5. James Moultrie Horlbeck, died un- 

XXI. 3. Ann Mazyck Chisolm, born 20 Septem- 
ber, 1815, died 8 April, 1827. 

4. William Alexander Chisolm, born 6 

February, 181 7, died 6 September, 

5. Georgianna Chisolm, married Henry 

Herriot, issue: 

XXII. I. Eliza Herriot married Dr. Walker. 

2. Minna Herriot, married Mr. Anderson. 

Line of George Chisolm 

XX. 3. George Chisolm, third son of Alexander 
and Christina Chisolm, was bom in Charleston, 19 
February, 1772, married 21 January, 1796, Providence 
Hext Prioleau, born 28 July, 1776, died 6 December, 
i860, daughter of Lieutenant Hext Prioleau of the 
Charleston Light Infantry, 1776. 


Arms: Barry of six, or and argent, a chief gu. Crest: An oak 
tree, ppr. Motto: "Pax in hello.'' 

This distinguished Huguenot family has an unusually in- 
teresting history, which carries us not only into France, but to the 
noble Venetian family of Priuli and finally into Hungary, where 
the name first appears prior to a.d. iooo. Coming to Venice they 
were admitted to the Grand Council in the twelfth century and in 
1319 had conferred upon them the perpetual and hereditary right 


to sit in this august body. Members of the family have filled 
every position of consequence which the Republic had to offer. 
The first to become Doge was Lorenzo Priuli, 1556, who married 
Zilia Dandoli, the most distinguished noblewoman in Venice. 
His brother, Girolamo, succeeded him as Doge in 1559, and their 
nephew, Nicolo Antonio PriuH, filled that office in 161 8. Other 
members were cardinals, procurators of St. Mark's, ambassadors, 
senators and generals. The hand of the daughter of Maria 
Priuli, whose husband, Francesco Foscari, was Doge for 34 years, 
was unsuccessfully sought in marriage by Constantine, Emperor 
of the East. The Priuli have intermarried with the leading Vene- 
tian nobility, and in 1829 were raised to the rank of counts of the 
Austrian Empire by imperial decree. Numerous magnificent 
palazzi were erected by them in Venice, several of which are 
mentioned and admired by John Ruskin. 

The French branch derives its descent from Antonio Priuli, 
said to have been a nephew of the Doges Lorenzo and Girolamo, 
who when twenty years of age accompanied his maternal uncle, 
Pietro Loredano, later Doge, 1 567-1 570, then Ambassador, to the 
Court of Henry IL of France, and while in Paris married a 
Huguenot maiden of a noble family of Saintonge, which act 
necessitated his expatriation. He settled at St. Jean d'Angely 
and changed the spelling of his name to Prioleau. In 1660, 
however, his descendants received full recognition from the 
Venetian Republic. 

Antonio Prioleau, grandson of Antonio above, studied 
theology at Geneva and later, 1603, became pastor of Tounay- 
Boutonne. He left one son, Elisha Prioleau, Seigneur de la 
Viennerie, pastor of Jonzac, 1637, and Niort, 1650, who gave two 
sons to the ministry — Elisha, of Exoudon, 1649, whose daughter, 
Margaret, married Joshua Gallaudet, and their son. Dr. Peter 
Gallaudet, was one of the founders of New Rochelle, N. Y. ; the 
second son, Samuel Prioleau, was pastor at Pons, 1650-1683, and 
married Jeanne, daughter of Rev. EHas Merlat. He died in 
February, 1683, leaving a son, Elias, born 1659, who succeeded his 
father at Pons. The religious wars in France were now at their 


height and October 22, 1685, witnessed the Revocation of the 
Edict of Nantes, and on 15 April, 1686, the church at Pons was 
battered down, and EHas Prioleau, his family and many of his 
congregation made their way to England, after severe hardships. 
In 1687 he and a number of his followers emigrated to Carolina, 
and acquiring land on the Back River, became pastor of the first 
Huguenot Church in Charles Town. He died in 1699, leaving 
among other issue, a son, Col. Samuel Prioleau, born in Carolina 
about 1690, member of first vestry of St. Philip's Church, 1732, 
Commissioner of the Peace, Colonel of the Royal Horse Guards, 
and Member of His Majesty's Council. He died in April, 1752, 
having married Mary Magdalen, daughter of Philippe and Mag- 
deleine (Chardon) Gendron, with issue, Philip, Samuel, Jr., Elijah, 
Mary, who married Hugh Bryan, and Elizabeth. 

Col. Samuel Prioleau, Jr., born 25 December, 171 7, was for 
35 years Clerk of the South Carolina Society; Clerk of Commis- 
sioners of Fortifications, 1744-55. In 1780 on capture of Charles- 
ton by the British he was consigned to the prison-ship Torhay, 
but was released upon his son being taken in his place. He 
married 14 October, 1739, Providence Hext, who died 18 Febru- 
ary, 1775, daughter of David Hext, Esq., with issue: Samuel, 
Philip, Hext, Mary Magdalen who married Thomas Grimball, 
Jr., Martha and Elizabeth. 

Hext Prioleau, born 31 October, 1753, died 23 August, 1779, 
third son of Colonel Samuel Prioleau, was Lieutenant in Light 
Infantry, 1776. He married 9 April, 1775, Margaret, daughter of 
Robert Williams, Jr. (who was commissioned to practice law 
in Charles Town, 26 March, 1753; member from St. Paul's of 
Provincial Congress held 11 January, 1775) by his first wife, 
Elizabeth, died November, 1769, youngest daughter of David 
Hext, Esq., to whom he was married, i January, 1755. Their 
daughter. Providence Hext Prioleau, married 21 January, 1796, 
George Chisolm, Esq. 



Arms: Or, a tower embattled between three battle-axes erect sa., a 
crescent for difference. Crest: Out of a tower embattled, a demi-lion 
holding in dexter paw a battle-ax, sa. 

Hugh Hext, the progenitor of the South CaroHna family, 
came with his family from Dorsetshire, England, about 1636, and 
was related to the Hexts of Somersetshire. He was elected a 
member of the Commons House of Assembly, 1706-7, and was 
also appointed one of the Commissioners under the Church Acts 
of November 4, 1704, and November 30, 1706, who conducted the 
temporal affairs of all the parishes and exercised ecclesiastical 
jurisdiction, with full power to deprive ministers of their livings at 
pleasure. He died leaving eight children, two of whom were 
David and Hugh. 

David Hext was elected to the Commons House of Assembly 
from St. Johns, Colleton, 1736, and re-elected in 1739; member of 
committee appointed in 1741 to distribute the fund raised for the 
sufferers from the great fire which occurred in Charles Town, 
November 18, 1740. Elected member of Commons House of 
Assembly from St. Phihp's, Charles Town, 1746, and re-elected in 
1749; Commissioner for Market and Workhouse in Charles Town, 
1 75 1. Died December i, 1754; will dated May 11, 1751, proved 
December 6, 1754. He left issue among others, Providence, who 
married 14 October, 1739, Col. Samuel Prioleau, Jr., and Eliza- 
beth, who married i January, 1755, Robert WilHams, Jr., whose 
daughter, Margaret, married Lieut. Hext Prioleau. 

Captain Hugh Hext, brother of David, above, was member of 
Assembly, 171 7-1720. He married in November, 1723, Sarah 
Boone, and died in November, 1732, with issue, Sarah Hext, bom 
18 September, 1724, died 22 April, 1792, married 25 December, 
1738, Dr. John Rutledge, who came to Charleston from England 
in 1735, and became the mother of the famous Rutledge brothers 
— I. John Rutledge, Member of Continental Congress, 1775-6, 
President of South CaroHna, first Governor of State, Chancellor, 
and Chief Justice of United States, 1795. 2. Edward Rutledge, 


Member of Continental Congress, Signer of Declaration of In- 
dependence and Governor of South Carolina. 3. Hugh Rutledge, 
Speaker of Legislative Assembly, Chancellor of South Carolina, 
and father of Right Reverend Francis Huger Rutledge, first 
Episcopal Bishop of Florida. 

George Chisolm died in the old Chisolm mansion on 
East Bay, now the Battery, 31 October, 1835, ^^^ was 
buried at the "Retreat," the family burying-ground, 
but his remains were afterwards removed to Magnolia 
Cemetery, and his wife is buried beside him. He left 
no will, but Letters of Administration were taken out 
on his estate {Probate Office, Administration Book, 
1833-1838, p. 207, "George Chisolm, the elder factor, 
died intestate. Administration granted to George 
Chisolm, the younger, 23 November, 1835; Letters of 
Administration d.b.n. granted to Robert Trail Chisolm, 
Gent., on 27 September, 1837.") He left issue: 

XXL I . George Chisolm, born 22 October, 1796, 
of whom hereafter. 

2. Robert Trail Chisolm, born 16 July, 

1798, of whom hereafter. 

3. Samuel Prioleau Chisolm, married first 

Martha Chaplin, issue: 
XXn. I. George Augustus Chisolm, married 
Mary Jenkins, no issue. 

2. William Adolphus Chisolm, married 

Caroline Fripp. 

3. Ella Louise Chisolm, married Thomas 

4.. Samuel Prioleau Chisolm. 


5. Sarah Caroline Chisolm, married An- 
drew Moreland, no issue. 
He married secondly Mrs. Sarah Por- 
teous (Cuthbert) Dana, no issue. 

XXI. 4. Alexander Chisolm, died young. 

5. Elizabeth Prioleau Chisolm, married 

as his second wife, Samuel E. Crocker, 
d.s.p. (His first wife was Catherine 
Marianne Wilson, daughter of Dr. 
Robert and Elizabeth Le Serurier 
(Mazyck) Wilson, supra.) 

6. Christina Chisolm, died unmarried. 

7 . Alexander Hext Chisolm, died 1 2 March, 

1885, unmarried . He had an adopted 
daughter, Alexina Pauline Chisolm, 
who married Count John B. Leonetti, 
of Florence, Italy, without issue. 

8. William Sextus Chisolm, bom 1821, 

died 8 April, 1901, married Mary 
Missroon, with issue: 

XXII. I. Mary McBride Chisolm, married Mr. 
Kennedy, no issue. 

2. Martha Laroche Chisolm, unmarried. 

3. Ann Margaret Chisolm, unmarried. 

4. Caroline Chisolm, unmarried. 

5. James Chisolm, died unmarried. 
XXL 9. Thomas Hanscome Chisolm, died 


10. Providence Hext Chisolm, died young. 

11. Octavius Chisolm, married in Ireland, 

Malvina Lodge, with issue: 


XXII. I. Providence Hext Chisolm, born 28 
October, 1838. 

2. Octavius Chisolm. 

3. John Bounell Chisolm. 

4. Alexander Hext Chisolm. 

5. Christina Chisolm, married Henry 

Weaver, no issue. 

6. Malvina Chisolm. 

7. Elias Horlbeck Chisolm. 

8. Ruth Chisolm, married Mr. McClellan. 

9. Harriet Chisolm. 

XXI. 12. Mary Maria Chisolm, married Charles 
Edmondston, with issue : 

XXII. I. Elizabeth Chisolm Edmondston, mar- 
ried George Gaillard Ford, issue: 

XXIII. I. Mary Providence Ford, married John 

2. Christina Chisolm Ford. 

3. George Gaillard Ford, Jr. 

XXII. 2. George Chisolm Edmondston, married 
Rachel Anderson, issue: 

XXIII. I. Gertrude Edmondston. 

2. Benjamin Wyman Ford Edmondston. 

XXII. 3. Charles Edmondston, of Savannah, Ga., 
raarried Allie Law, whose sister married Randolph 
Axson, uncle of the late Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, issue: 

XXIII. I. Georgianna Edmondston. 

2. Charles Edmondston. 

3. Nora Lawton Edmondston. 

XXII. 4. Jessie Coffin Edmondston, died un- 


5. Nina Edmondston, died unmarried. 

6. Mary Gertrude Edmondston, died un- 


7. Henry Louise Edmondston, unmarried. 

8 . Catherine Devereaux Edmondston, died 

XXI. I. George Chisolm, eldest son of George 
and Providence Hext (Prioleau) Chisolm, was born in 
Charleston, 22 October, 1796, married by Rev. Arthur 
Buist, 14 January, 1823, Sarah M. Edings, bom 8 May, 
1802, died 19 January, 1835. 


The Edings of Edisto Island, South Carolina, are of Scotch 
extraction. In the latter part of the seventeenth century William 
Edings received a large grant of land in the vicinity of Beaufort, 
S. C, and dying, 1712, left two sons, William and Joseph, who 
married Miss Elliott. This second William Edings was a captain 
in the English army, and one of the founders of the Presbyterian 
Church of Edisto Island, as is shown by tablet erected in said 
church in 1732. He married Elizabeth de La Gall, and dying 
1756, left a son, Benjamin Edings, born i October, 1742, died 
1784, married 1765, Mary Maynard, died 1792. They had issue: 
I. William, 2. Benjamin, 3. Mary EHza, born 1778, died 1848, 
married first William Evans, second Robert Trail Chisolm, 4. 
Joseph, ancestor of present branch of family. 

WilHam Edings above was born, i October, 1766, died 5 April, 
1836, married 16 June, 1785, Sarah Evans, sister of William 
Evans, who married Mary Eliza Edings, and daughter of WilHam 
Evans, with issue among others, Sarah Edings, born 8 May, 1802, 
died 19 January, 1835, who married 14 January, 1823, George 



George Chisolm, died 31 August, 1837, as the result 
of a stage coach accident near Staunton, Va., while on 
his way to the Springs. Both he and his wife now rest 
in Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, having been re- 
moved from the "Retreat," where their coffins, as well 
as others in the vault, were broken into by the Union 
soldiers during the Civil War. George left issue : 

XXII. I. William Edings Chisolm, born 30 
December, 1823. 

2. James Julius Chisolm, born 7 June, 


3. George Edings Chisolm, born 4 June, 

1 83 1, married Catherine, daughter 
of Col. John and Eliza C. (Legare) 
Bryan, with issue : 

XXIII. I. John Bryan Chisolm, married Esther 
Vincent, issue: 

XXIV. I. James Julius Chisolm. 

2. Eugene Chisolm. 

3. Lily Chisolm. 
XXIII. 2. Hugh Legare Chisolm. 

3. Julian J. Chisolm, unmarried. 

4. Margaret Bryan Chisolm. 

5. George Chisolm. 

XXII. 4. Mary Edings Chisolm, born 21 Febru- 
ary, 1833, died 29 March, 1888, married 3 February, 
1852, her cousin, John Julian Chisolm, M.D., son of 
Robert and Harriet Emily (Schutt) Chisolm (for whom 

XXII. I. William Edings Chisolm, born in 
Charleston, S. C, 30 December, 1823, married 23 Feb- 


ruary, 1848, by Rev. William Augustus Muhlenberg, 
Mary Ann Rogers, born 14 September, 1827, died 21 
May, 1913. 


Arms: Arg., a chevron between three bucks trippant sa. Crest: 
— A buck as in arms. Motto: — " Nos nostraque Deo." 

This branch of the Rogers family claims descent from John 
Rogers, the Christian martyr. The immediate ancestor was Jere- 
miah Rogers (i 633-1 676) who settled first in Dorchester and then 
Lancaster, Mass. His grandson, Ichabod (1684-1746), son of 
Ichabod Rogers, married Anna Nourse, and died leaving a son, 
John Rogers, born 17 September, 1717, died 1758, married 1745, 
Mary Davenport (i 725-1 792), daughter of James Davenport 
and his wife, Sarah Franklin, sister of Hon. Benjamin Franklin. 
These were the parents of John Rogers, born 8 January, 1749, 
died 31 June, 1799, who married, 1785, Mary, daughter of George 
Pixton, with issue, among others: 

1. John Rogers, of whom hereafter. 

2. Mary Rogers, born 16 September, 1795, died 13 Novem- 
ber, 1859, married William Christopher Rhinelander, son of Wil- 
liam and Mary (Robert) Rhinelander, the latter an aunt of 
Christopher Rhinelander Robert (i 802-1 878), the founder of 
Robert College, Constantinople, with issue: (a) Mary Rogers 
Rhinelander, who married Lispenard Stewart, and (b) William 
Rhinelander, who married Matilda Cruger Oakley, daughter of 
Hon. Thomas Jackson Oakley, LL.D., Member of Congress and 
Chief Judge of the Superior Court of New York City. 

John Rogers above, born 19 June, 1787, died 11 April, 1841, 
married 22 April, 181 7, Mary Ann C. Muhlenberg, daughter of 
Henry William and Mary (Sheaffe) Muhlenberg. In 1846 his 
widow erected in his memory the Church of the Holy Communion, 
Sixth Avenue and Twentieth Street, New York. His only sur- 
viving child, Mary Ann Rogers, born 14 September, 1827, married 
23 February, 1848, William Edings Chisolm. 



The Muhlenbergs are descended from an ancient and honor- 
able Hannoverian family. The immediate ancestor was Heinrich 
Melchior Muhlenberg, D.D., who was born at Eimbeck, Han- 
nover, Germany, 6 September, 171 1 ; graduated with high honors 
from the University of Gottingen and entered the ministry. He 
arrived in America, September 22, 1742, to take charge of the 
parishes of New Hannover, Trappe, and Philadelphia, becoming 
the patriarch of the Lutheran Church in America. He married 
the daughter of Conrad Weiser, the celebrated Indian interpreter 
and pioneer, and died at Trappe, Pa., 7 October, 1787, having had 
eleven children, among whom were: (i) John Peter Gabriel 
Muhlenberg, born i October, 1746, entered the ministry, but in 
1776, while pastor at Woodstock, Va., at the solicitation of General 
Washington, accepted a commission of colonel in the Pennsylvania 
troops. In 1 777 , he was advanced to brigadier-general and served 
with distinction at Brandywine, Monmouth, Stony Point, and 
Yorktown; promoted to rank of major-general and retired to 
Pennsylvania, becoming Vice-President of the supreme governing 
council of that State, of which Benjamin Franklin was President, 
1785. Served in ist, 2d, and 3d Congresses and in 1801 was elected 
U. S. Senator, later resigning to become Supervisor of Internal 
Revenue; died i October, 1807. His brother (2), Gotthilf Hein- 
rich Ernst Muhlenberg, M.A., D.D., born 17 November, 1753, 
educated at University of Pennsylvania and Princeton Theological 
Seminary was an eminent botanist and the recipient of diplomas 
from many of the most learned societies in America and Europe. 
His son, Henry Augustus Muhlenberg, was a Member of Congress, 
1 829-1 838, U. S. Minister to Austria, and candidate for Governor 
of Pennsylvania at time of his death, 1844. The grandson of 
Gotthilf, Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, became the first 
President of Muhlenberg College, which office he held until 
1876, when he accepted the Chair of Greek at University of 

Another son of the patriarch was Hon. Frederick Augustus 


Muhlenberg, born i January, 1750, educated in Germany, study- 
ing for the ministry and becoming assistant to his father. He 
later entered Congress and was elected the first Speaker of the 
House of Representatives, 1789. He died 4 June, 1801, leaving, 
among others, a son, Henry WilHam Muhlenberg, who married 
Mary, daughter of William SheaflEe of Philadelphia, and was the 
father of Mary Ann C. Muhlenberg, who married John Rogers, 
Esq., above, and of Rev. William Augustus Muhlenberg, A.B., 
D.D., LL.D., S.T.D., born 16 September, 1796, graduated at Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1 814, ordained in Episcopal Church, 1817. 
In 1828, he went to College Point, Long Island, and founded a 
Christian high school which afterwards became St. Paul's College. 
He served as its principal and rector until 1846, when he became 
rector of the Church of the Holy Communion in New York. He 
was founder of St. Luke's Hospital, and in 1843 organized the 
first Protestant sisterhood in the United States. He was the au- 
thor of several well-known hymns and founded a Christian in- 
dustrial community at St. Johnland, Long Island, where he is 
buried. He died 8 April, 1877. 

Mr. Chisolm was educated at St. Paul's College, 
under Dr. Muhlenberg, and upon his marriage settled 
permanently at College Point, where he retired from ac- 
tive business many years before his death. He died 
13 November, 1895, with issue: 

XXIII. I. Mary Fredericka Chisolm, born 10 
February, 1851, married 27 April, 1871, Charles (Miller) 
Schieffelin, with issue: 

XXIV. I . Mary Chisolm Schieffelin, born 8 April, 
1872, died 3 June, 1891 at Ventnor, Isle of Wight. 

2. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg Schief- 
felin, born 12 December, 1873, grad- 
uated from Yale, 1897, unmarried. 

3. Julia Rhinelander Schieffelin, born 21 


July, 1875, married Rev. R. J. Small 
of England, 11 June, 1900, no issue. 
4. Helen Lawrence Schieffelin, born 19 
December, 1876, married H. G. Her- 
bert of England, no issue. 

XXIII. 2. Jessie Edings Chisolm, born 16 August, 
1854, died 21 April, 1855. 

3. John Rogers Chisolm, born 14 October, 

1856, died 9 June, 1866. 

4. George Edings Chisolm,* of Morris- 

town, N. J., born 13 June, 1858, 
married 18 November, 1890, Edith 
Lawrence, born 30 July, 1861, daugh- 
ter of Henry E. Lawrence, with issue: 

XXIV. I . John Rogers Chisolm, born 29 January, 

2. Henry Lawrence Chisolm, born 9 Octo- 

ber, 1898. 

3. Donald Muhlenberg Chisolm, bom 25 

November, 1900. 

4. William Edings Chisolm, born 18 July, 



Arms: Arg. a cross ragidy gii. Crest: A fish's tail or demi- 
dolphin ppr. Motto: "In criices salus.'' 

The Lawrence family of America are descended from Sir 
Robert Lawrence of Ashton Hall, Lancaster, England, who ac- 
companied Richard Coeur de Lion to Palestine, where he so dis- 
tinguished himself at the siege of St. Jean d'Acre, 1191, by being 
the first to place the banner of the cross on the battlements of the 

* This branch of the family contemplates resuming the earlier and present 
Scotch spelling of the name, reinserting the second " h." 


town, that he received the honors of knighthood from King Richard 
and also the coat-of-arms above described. Many members of 
the family have since been prominent in both the Church and 
State. Thirteenth in descent from the first Sir Robert was 
William Lawrence (son of Henry and Elizabeth (Hagar) Law- 
rence) , who was born at St. Ives, but removed about 1580 to Great 
St. Albans. He was the uncle of Henry Lawrence, born 1600, 
educated at Cambridge; published in 1646 his books on "Com- 
munion" and "Baptism"; member of Long Parliament of Crom- 
well; for his services to the Protector was made and continued 
Lord President of the Council, being at same time one of the lords 
of the other House, and later member of the Honorable Committee 
of Safety. With Lords Say and Sele, Brooke, and others he ob- 
tained a grant of land on the " Connetticut " River, and in 1635 
commissioned John Winthrop, Jr., to be Governor of same, intend- 
ing to follow, but was prevented by Cromwell. William Lawrence, 
above, son of Henry and Elizabeth (Hagar) Lawrence had three 
sons, John, William, and Thomas, who accompanied Governor 
John Winthrop to America in 1635 in the Planter, landing at 
Plymouth, but settling later in New Netherlands. 

John Lawrence, the eldest brother, was one of the patentees 
of Hempstead, Long Island, 1644, ^.nd in 1645, with his brother, 
William, and others, obtained the patent of Flushing, which was 
confirmed by Governor Nicoll, 16 February, 1666. In 1663, he 
was appointed by Governor Stuyvesant one of the commissioners 
to act on boundaries between New England and the Dutch pro- 
vince. He was one of the first aldermen of New York, 1665, 
Mayor of New York, 1672, and from 1 674-1 698, member of His 
Majesty's Council; again Mayor in 1691, and in 1692 appointed 
Judge of Supreme Court, which office he filled until his death in 

William Lawrence, the second brother, was born in 1623. He 
was associated with his brother, John, as patentee of Flushing, and 
was the largest landed proprietor of that section; magistrate in 
1655 under Dutch government and later under English, also cap- 
tain in militia. He married in 1664, as his second wife, Elizabeth, 


daughter of Richard Smith, Esq., patentee of Smithtown, and 
died in 1680. The following year his widow married Captain, 
later Sir Philip Carteret, Governor of New Jersey. She was a 
woman of unusual endowments and 'directed the affairs of the 
Colony during her husband's absence. Captain William Lawrence 
had seven children, of whom the eldest son was Joseph, who 
inherited the extensive estate on Little Neck Bay. He married 
Mary, daughter of Sir Richard Townley, son of Charles Townley, 
who fell at Marston Moor. Her sister, Dorothy, married Francis 
Howard, who on 8 December, 1731, was created first Earl of 
Effingham. Joseph Lawrence died about 1758. His eldest son, 
Richard, born 1691, married 6 February, 171 7, Hannah, daugh- 
ter of Samuel Bowne, a minister among the Friends, and left issue 
among others : 

1. John Lawrence, whose son, John W. Lawrence, was 
Member of Congress, and President of Seventh Ward Bank of 
New York, his daughter, Caroline, becoming the wife of Hon. 
Henry Bedinger, Member of Congress from Virginia and after- 
wards U. S. Minister to Denmark. 

2. Effingham Lawrence, born 1734, commander of a British 
frigate, died 1805. His daughter, Catharine Maria, married Col. 
Sir John Thomas Jones, Bart., aide to the Duke of Wellington. 

3. Joseph Lawrence, born 1741, Member of Assembly 1785, 
married Phebe, daughter of Henry Townsend, patentee of 
Jamaica, Long Island, 1656, with issue: Henry, of whom here- 
after, and Effingham Lawrence, first Judge of Queens County. 

Henry Lawrence above married first Harriet, daughter of 
Cornelius Van Wyck, and secondly Amy Pearsall. By his first 
wife he had issue, among others : 

a. Cornelius W. Lawrence, born 1791, Member of Congress, 
Mayor of New York, President of Bank of State of New York, 
and Collector of Port. 

b. Joseph Lawrence, born 1797, also President of Bank of 
State of New York, Treasurer of City of New York, and first 
President of United States Trust Company, married Rosetta, 
daughter of Thomas S. Townsend, with issue: Margaret T., who 


married William T. Hicks, son of Silas Hicks; Harriet, unmarried; 
Henry E., of whom hereafter; Caroline T., who married Howard 
Osgood, son of Isaac Osgood of Louisiana ; Thomas T., unmarried; 
Catherine, who married Rev. C. T. Olmsted; and Isabella. 

Henry Effingham Lawrence married Lydia, daughter of 
Walter Underhill, Esq., of Westchester County, N. Y., a descend- 
ant of Captain John Underhill, born 1597, came to America, 1630, 
son of Sir Edward Underhill, and grandson of John Underhill, 
Bishop of Oxford. Henry E. and Lydia (Underhill) Lawrence left 
issue : 

1 . Edith, who married George E. Chisolm. 

2. Margaret, unmarried, 

3. Joseph, unmarried. 

4. Mary Trimble, who married F. M. L. Tonetti. 

XXIII. 5. William Augustus Muhlenberg Chis- 
olm, born 2'] January, 1862, died 15 May, 1866. 

6. Margaret Willing Chisolm, born 17 
October, 1863, died 5 January, 1904, 
married 30 April, 1888, James Hooker 
Hamersley, Esq., born 26 January, 


Arms granted 16 14: Gu. three rams' heads couped or. Crest: 
A demi-griffin or., holding between claws a cross-crosslet fitchee, gu. 
Motto: "Honore etamore" 

The immediate ancestor of the prominent New York family 
of this name was Sir Hugh Hamersley, Lord Mayor of London. 
He was a member of the Russian, East India, Northwest Passage 
and Virginia Companies, Sheriff of London, 16 18-19, Alderman, 
1619-36, President of the Honourable Artillery Company, Lord 
Mayor, 1627-28, knighted, 8 June, 1628; President of Christ's 


Hospital, 1634, until his decease, 19 October, 1636. He is buried 
under a great monument in the north wall of the Church of St. 
Andrew's Undershaft, London. His grandson, William Hamer- 
sley, born 1687, was a lieutenant in Royal Navy and settled in 
New York, where he married Miss Van Brugh of an old Dutch 
family. He is buried in Trinity Churchyard. His son, Andrew 
Hamersley, married Margaret vStelle, granddaughter of Hon. 
Thomas Gordon, one of the Lord Proprietors of New Jersey, 
member of Majesty's Council, Attorney- General, Treasurer, and 
Judge of the Province and son of Sir George Gordon; and left 
a son, Louis Carre Hamersley, who married Elizabeth Finney of 
Accomac County, Virginia. He had two sons : 

1. Andrew Gordon Hamersley, diplomatist and capitalist, 
who married Sarah, daughter of John Mason, with issue an only 
son, Louis Carre Hamersley, who married Lillian Warren Price 
of Troy N. Y. On his death she married George C. Spencer- 
Churchill, eighth Duke of Marlborough. 

2. John William Hamersley, lawyer and author, who married 
Catherine Livingston, only daughter and heiress of Hon. James 
Hooker, Judge of Probate of Dutchess County, N. Y., and a 
descendant of Rev. Thomas Hooker, the founder of Connecticut; 
of Robert Livingston, Speaker of Provincial Assembly, 1718-25, 
founder of Livingston Manor; of Filyp Pieterse Van Schuyler, 
Captain of Provincial Forces, 1697; of Henry Beekman; and 
of Brant Arentse Van Schlichtenhorst, Governor of Colony of 
Rensselaerwick, 1648. Mr. Hamersley had issue, Catherine, 
who married John Henry Livingston of "Clermont" great- 
grandson of the Chancellor; Virginia, who married Cortlandt 
de Peyster Field; Helen Reade, who married Charles Dickinson 
Stickney; and James Hooker, who married Margaret Willing 

James Hooker Hamersley graduated from Colum- 
bia University in 1865; studied law at Columbia Law 
School, practicing with success for ten years, when he 


retired to devote himself to the interests of his family 
and estates. Nominated for General Assembly, he 
withdrew in favor of William Waldorf Astor. He was 
a writer and poet of ability and actively interested in 
philanthropic work. He died suddenly at his country 
estate, "Brookhurst," Garrison-on-Hudson, in Septem- 
ber, 1 90 1, having had issue: 

XXIV. I. Margaret Rogers Hamersley, bom 20 
August, 1889, died 20 April, 1891. 

2. Catherine Livingston Hamersley, born 

8 May, 1891. 

3. Louis Gordon Hamersley, bom 20 July, 


XX HL 7. Benjamin Ogden Chisolm, born i 
June, 1865, married 12 November, 1888, Elizabeth 
Rhoades, sister of Cornelia Harsen (Nina) Rhoades, 
the authoress, and daughter of John Harsen Rhoades of 
New York, born 26 October, 1838, died 1906, President 
of Greenwich Savings Bank, and his wife, Annie G. 
Wheelwright, with issue: 

XXIV. I . Nina Rhoades Chisolm, born 8 Septem- 
ber, 1889, married 4 February, 191 3, Alvin Untermyer. 

2. Barbara Muhlenberg Chisolm, born 

17 September, 1891, died 24 May, 

3. Winifred Wheelwright Chisolm, born 

3 May, 1893. 

4. Dorothy Rogers Chisolm, bom 2'] 

August, 1895, died 25 April, 1914. 

5. Margaret Willing Chisolm, born i Nov- 

ember, 1897. 


6. Elizabeth Harsen Chisolm, bom 17 

November, 1900. 

7. Priscilla Pixton Chisolm, bom 22 July, 

XXII. 2. James Julius Chisolm, second son of 
George and Sarah (Edings) Chisolm, was bom in 
Charleston, 7 June, 1827, married by Rev. Elisha White, 
17 June, 1847, Margaret Swinton Bryan, bom 20 May, 
1829, died 24 August, i860. 


Margaret Swinton Bryan was the daughter of Col. John 
Bryan, born 18 July, lyQi.died 14 April, 1848, married 28 Novem- 
ber, 1 8 10, Eliza Catherine Legare, sister of Hon. Hugh Swinton 
Legare (born 2 January, 1797, died 20 June, 1843, educated at 
South Carolina College, University of Edinburgh and Paris; 
Member of S. C. Legislature, 1820-30, Attorney-General of S. C, 
charg6 d'affaires at Brussels, 1832-36; Member of Congress; 
Attorney-General of United States, 1841, Secretary of State pro 
tem 1843; editor of Southern Review, and considered one of the 
most scholarly and brilliant literary men of his age), and daughter 
of Solomon Legare (son of Thomas Legare, 1 733-1 801, Member 
of Assembly and of Provincial Congress, 1775, and the descend- 
ant of an honorable Huguenot family who emigrated to Carolina 
in 1686), born 7 February, 1770, died 1799, and his wife, Mary 
Swinton, born 29 April, 1770, died i January, 1843, daughter of 
Hugh Swinton, 1 737-1 809, son of William Swinton, Esq., Sur- 
veyor-General of Carolina, 1 721-1732, King's ofl&cer and possessor 
of a barony of land, died 1743. He was the son of Sir John 
Swinton of that Ilk, Scotland, Member of Parliament, and his 
second wife, Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Sinclair, and his wife, 
Margaret, daughter of William, Lord Alexander and grand- 
daughter of William, first Marquis of Douglas; and a direct de- 
scendant of the gallant Sir John Swinton, commander at the battle 


of Otterburn, 1388, and leader of charge at Homildon Hill, 1402, 
where he was killed ; and his second wife, Lady Margaret Stewart, 
daughter of Robert II., King of Scotland. 

Col. John Bryan was the son of John Bryan (son of Michael 
Bryan) born 5 December, 1752, died 10 November, 1803, married 
2 February, 1783, Lydia Ball Simons, widow of Edward Simons, 
sister of EHas Ball, Jr., Member of Provincial Congress, 1775-6, 
half-sister of Eleanor Ball, wife of Hon. Henry Laurens, President 
of Continental Congress, supra, and daughter of Elias Ball, 1706- 
1786 of "Limerick," who married 2 March, 1747, Lydia Child. 
He was the son of Elias Ball of "Comingtee Plantation," who 
came to Carolina about 1700, son of William Ball of Devonshire, 
England. This Elias married the daughter of John Harleston of 
Mailing, Essex, England, a member of a distinguished family, 
whose sister, Affra Harleston, wife of John Coming, was one of 
the first settlers of Carolina, 1669, and upon whose land Charles 
Town was laid out in 1672. Mrs. Elias Ball was the aunt of (i) 
Captain John Harleston, 1 708-1 767, who married Hannah Child, 
sister of Lydia above, and was father of Major Isaac Harleston of 
Continental Line, Member of Provincial Congress, 1775, and of 
Edward Harleston, who married Annabella Moultrie, daughter 
of Hon. James Moultrie, British Lieutenant-Governor and Chief 
Justice of East Florida; of (2) Edward Harleston, Member of 
Provincial Congress, 1775, who married Mary, daughter of 
"King" Roger Moore of Cape Fear, Member of'Council, and his 
wife, Catherine, daughter of Col. William Rhett, 1666-1722, 
Receiver-General of Carolina, Vice- Admiral of Colonial Navy and 
Lieutenant-Governor of Province, with issue, John Harleston, 
Jr., who served under Baron von Steuben and married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Hon. Thomas Lynch, Jr., Member of Continental 
Congress and signer of Declaration of Independence, 1776. 

James Chisolm was educated at St. Paul's College. 
Long Island, and at the outbreak of the Civil War was 
placed in command of the Stono Scouts, a volunteer 


company. He died from the effects of exposure, 23 
February, 1862. Both he and his wife are buried at St. 
John's, near Brevard, N. C, in the French Broad Valley. 
He left issue: 

XXni. I. Wilham Edings Chisolm, born 2 No- 
vember, 1848, died 4 November, 1848. 

2. Catherine Bryan Chisolm, born 12 

July, 1850, married first, 17 June, 
1884, Lee C. Walter, who died De- 
cember, 1892, no issue. She married 
secondly, 25 September, 1902, George 
E. Pegues, who died May, 1906; no 

3. Mary Edings Chisolm, bom 29 Decem- 

ber, 1 85 1, died at "Oak Ridge," near 
Brevard, N. C, 26 June, 1880, un- 

4. James Julius Chisolm, D.D., born 8 

December, 1852, A.B. Princeton, 
1874, at present rector First Presby- 
terian Church in Natchez, Miss., 
married 4 June, 1885, Mary Tweed, 
bom 18 November, 1852, daughter 
of Robert Tweed, a Scotchman, of 
New Orleans, La., and his wife, Vir- 
ginia, granddaughter of James Van 
Uxem, who came to Philadelphia 
from Dunkirk, Belgium, in 1745, a 
descendant of an ancient and dis- 
tinguished baronial family of Fland- 
ers; issue: 


XXIV. James Julian Chisolm, born 24 December, 
1889, A.B. Princeton University, 191 1, Phi Beta Kappa. 

XXIII. 5. Elizabeth Wells Chisolm, bom 22 No- 
vember, 1853, died 18 April, 1854. 

6. William Edings Chisolm, born 31 May, 

1855, of whom hereafter. 

7. Harriet Bryan Chisolm, born 27 March, 

1857, died 16 June, 1857. 

8. Pavil Hamilton Chisolm, bom 4 May, 

1858, died September, 1893, un- 

XXIII. 6. William Edings Chisolm was bom in 
Charleston, 31 May, 1855, married in Richmond, Va., 
28 December, 1886, Helen Gamett, born 16 May, i860. 


Gamett Arms: Gu. within a bordure engrailed or., a lion rampant 
arg. ducally crowned, or. Crest: A dexter hand holding a swans 
head, ppr. Motto: "Diligentia et honor e." 

The Garnetts of Essex County, Va., are said to be descended 
from the Garnetts of Lancashire, England. The first on record 
in America is John Garnett of Gloucester Co., Va., later Essex, 
who died 17 13, leaving a son, James Garnett, born 17 January, 
1692, died 27 May, 1765, Justice of Essex, 1720-40, Member of 
House of Burgesses, 1742-47, married as his second wife, Eliza- 
beth Muscoe, daughter of Salvator Muscoe, Justice of Essex and 
Burgess, 1734-36, with issue, an only child, Muscoe Garnett, 
born 17 August, 1736, died January, 1803, Member of Committee 
of Safety for Essex, 1775-6, married 9 July, 1767, Grace Fenton 
Mercer, daughter of John Mercer of "Marlborough," Secretary 
of Ohio Company, author and lawyer, and sister of Hon. John 
Francis Mercer (i 759-1 821), aide-de-camp to General Charles 


Lee, 1778, studied law in office of Thomas Jefferson; Member of 
Continental Congress, 1782-3; Maryland Convention of 1787-8, 
which framed Federal Constitution; Member of Congress, 1792-4, 
Governor of Maryland, 1 801-3; half-sister of Hon. James Mercer 
( 1 736-1 793), Captain in French and Indian War, Burgess, 1762- 
76; Member of Virginia Conventions of 1774-5-6; Committee of 
Safety 1775-6; Continental Congress, 1779-80; Judge and Presi- 
dent of General Court, 1780-89, and Judge of Court of Appeals, 
1789-93, whose son, Hon, Charles Fenton Mercer, born 16 June, 
1778, was Member of Va. Legislature, 1810-17; original projector 
and charter president of C. & O. Canal Co.; Colonel and aide-de- 
camp to Governor James Barbour in War of 1812; Member of 
Congress, 1817-1840; half-sister of Col. George Mercer, (1733- 
1784); aide-de-camp to Col. George Washington in French and 
Indian War, Burgess, 1761-5; English Agent of Ohio Co.; ap- 
pointed Lieutenant-Governor of North Carolina, 1768; and sister 
of Anna Mercer, who married Benjamin Harrison, Jr., brother of 
William Henry Harrison, President of United States, and son of 
Benjamin Harrison, signer of Declaration of Independence, 1776. 
Muscoe and Grace Fenton (Mercer) Garnett, had issue: i. 
Hon. James Mercer Garnett, 1 770-1 843, Member Va. Constitu- 
tional Convention, 1829; Member of Congress, 1805-9; Founder 
and First President of U. S. Agricultural Society, married 
Mary Eleanor Dick Mercer, daughter of Judge James Mercer, 
supra. His grandson, Hon. Muscoe Russell Hunter Garnett, 
1821-1864, was Member of Congress, 1856-61; Member of Vir- 
ginia Secession Convention, 1861; Member of Confederate Con- 
gress, 1861-64; married Mary Barton Picton Stevens, daughter 
of Commodore Edward A. Stevens of Hoboken, N.J. 2. Maria 
Garnett, who married, 1796, James Hunter, with issue, Hon. 
Robert Mercer TaHaferro Hunter, 1 809-1 887, Member of Con- 
gress, 1837-47; Speaker of House of Representatives, 1839-41; 
U. S. Senator, 1847-61; Candidate for President, i860; Secre- 
tary of State of Confederacy, 1861-2; Confederate Senator, 1862- 
65 ; one of three commissioners appointed to treat with Lincoln ; 
Treasurer of Virginia, 1874-80; married Mary Evelina Dandridge. 


3. Hon. Robert Selden Garnett, 1 789-1 841 ; Member of Congress, 
1817-27; married Charlotte Olympia de Gouges, daughter of 
Gen. Jean Pierre de Gouges of French army, and was father of 
Robert Selden Garnett, Jr., aide-de-camp to Gen. Zachary Taylor, 
Major 9th U. S. Infantry, and Brigadier-General in Confederate 
army, killed 13 July, 1861. 4. William Garnett, who married 
Anna Maria Brooke, daughter of Richard and Maria (Mercer) 
Brooke, and sister of Gen. George Mercer Brooke, U. S. A., and 
of Hon. Francis J. Brooke, Speaker of State Senate, 1800; Presi- 
dent of Virginia Court of Appeals; and their son, Brigadier- 
General Richard Brooke Garnett, commanded "Stonewall" 
brigade, and later a division of Pickett's brigade, being killed in 
the famous charge at Gettysburg. 5. Muscoe Garnett, born 
12 July, 1786, died 1869, married 1807, Maria Battaile, daughter 
of Hay Battaile and his wife, Mary Champe Willis, daughter of 
Lieutenant- Colonel Lewis Willis of the Tenth Virginia Continen- 
tal Troops, 1776, and his first wife, Mary Champe, daughter of 
Col. John Champe. Col. Willis married secondly Anne Carter 
Champe, sister-in-law of his first wife, and daughter of Col. Charles 
Carter and his wife, Ann Byrd, daughter of Col. William Byrd of 
"Westover." By this latter marriage he became the father of 
Major Byrd Charles Willis (who married Mary Willis Lewis, 
granddaughter of Col. Fielding Lewis and Betty Washington, 
sister of General George Washington), whose daughter, Catherine 
Willis, married Prince Achille Murat, son of Marshall Joachim 
Murat, King of Naples, and his wife, Carolina Bonaparte, sister 
of Napoleon the Great. 

(Lieut. -Col. Lewis Willis was the son of Col. Henry WilHs, 
Burgess, 1718, first settler of Fredericksburg, Va., and his wife, 
Mildred Washington, aunt and sponsor of General George Wash- 
ington, and daughter of Captain Lawrence Washington, Burgess, 
1685, and his wife, Mildred Warner, daughter of Col. Augustine 
Warner (1642-1681) Speaker of House of Burgesses, Member of 
His Majesty's Council (son of Col. Augustine Warner, 1610-1674, 
Member of Council, 1659-74, who came to Virginia, 1628), and 
his wife, Mildred Reade, daughter of Col. George Reade, Secre- 


tary of State, and Acting Governor of Virginia, and Member of 
Council, 1 65 7-1 67 1, who was the grandson of Sir Thomas Winde- 
banlce, Clerk of the Signet to Queen Elizabeth, who married 20 
August, 1566, Frances, daughter of Sir Edward Dymoke, Knight, 
of Scrivelsby Manor, hereditary champion of England, and his 
wife, Anne, daughter of Sir George Talbois, who died 21 Septem- 
ber, 1538, by Elizabeth Gascoigne, daughter of Sir William Gas- 
coigne and Lady Margaret Percy, daughter of Henry, Earl of 
Northumberland. This Henry Percy was the grandson of Sir 
Henry Percy "Hotspur," first Earl of Northumberland, and his 
wife, Lady Elizabeth Mortimer, daughter of Edmund, Earl of 
March by Lady Phillipa Plantagenet, daughter of Lionel, Duke 
of Clarence, son of Edward IIL, King of England, 1327-1377.) 

Muscoe and Maria (Battaile) Garnett had issue among others : 
I. Alexander Yelverton Peyton Garnett, M.D., Examiner of 
Board of Surgeons of Confederate Army; family physician to 
President Jefferson Davis and his Cabinet; married Mary E. 
daughter of Hon. Henry A. Wise, Member of Congress; Minister 
to Brazil; Governor of Virginia, and Brigadier-General in Con- 
federate Army. 2. Edgar Malcolm Garnett, born 28 April, 
1 82 1, died 22 December, 1899, married 16 July, 1851, Emily 
Mary Dennis Hayward, daughter of Thomas and Margaret 
(Savage) Hayward, and a descendant of Ensign Thomas Savage, 
the first white settler of Eastern Shore, who came to Colony 
with Captain Newport in January, 1608; of Captain Edward 
Waters, who came to Virginia, 1610; Member of Council in 
Bermudas, 161 5; Justice, Burgess, Member of Virginia Com- 
pany; Commander and Commissioner of Elizabeth City, 1628; 
of Sir George Yeardley, Member of Majesty's Council and 
Governor of Virginia, 161 8; of Col. Obedience Robins of His 
Majesty's Council; of Col. Nathaniel Littleton, Chief Magistrate 
of Northampton Co., Va., 1640; Member of His Majesty's 
Council, son of Sir Edward Littleton, Chief Justice of North 
Wales, and great-great-grandson of Sir Thomas Lyttleton, Judge 
of Court of Common Pleas, 148 1, and author of the celebrated 
"Treatise on Tenures." Edgar Malcolm Garnett had issue: 


two daughters, Mary Champe, who married William Mason 
McCarty, a descendant of Hon. George Mason of " Gunston," 
author of the Bill of Rights, and Helen who married William 
Edings Chisolm. 

Mr. Chisolm died suddenly October 12, 1903, and is 
buried in Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, leaving 
issue : 

XXIV. William Garnett Chisolm, born in Balti- 
more, 19 November, 1890, admitted to bar, 191 2, 
Member of Alumni Association of University of Mary- 
land, Society of Colonial Wars, and author of present 

XXI. 2. Robert Trail Chisolm (second son of 
George and Providence Hext (Prioleau) Chisolm), was 
bom in Charleston, 16 July, 1798, married first 10 
October, 1827, Harriet Emily Schutt, who died 28 
April, 1848, daughter of Caspar C. Schutt. He married 
secondly, 2 January, 1851, Lynch Helen Bachman, 
bom 19 September, 1828, died 30 August, 1906, daugh- 
ter of Rev. John Bachman, D.D., LL.D., Ph.D. 


Rev. John Bachman, who was born at Rhinebeck, 4 February, 
1790, was decended from the Bachmans of Berne, Switzerland, 
one of whom was Lieutenant-General of the Swiss Guard, and 
lost his life in defense of the unfortunate Louis XVI. of France. 
His name stands second on the roll of honor carved on the base 
of the Lion of Lucerne. Dr. Bachman's paternal ancestor left 
Switzerland and went to England, finally coming to America as 
private secretary to William Penn. He settled near Easton, Pa., 
and as a reward for faithful services rendered the infant colony, 
the Government granted him two townships of land, called Upper 


and Lower Sackescy. Seventh in descent from him was John 
Bachman, educated at William College, later studied for the 
ministry, becoming pastor of Gilead Pastorate, N. Y., 1813. 
In 1 8 14 he accepted a call to St. John's Lutheran Church in 
Charleston, S. C. On 23 January, 1816, he married Harriet 
Martin, granddaughter of Rev. John Nicholas Martin, fourth 
pastor of St. John's. From his early school days, he had always 
been fond of nature and was considered one of the best informed 
naturalists and ornithologists in America. In 1831 he met the 
celebrated John J. Audubon, who became one of his closest 
friends. In 1838, he travelled extensively in Europe, where he 
met Humboldt, and while in Switzerland represented the United 
States at the Naturalists' Reunion. He was also a warm friend 
of Professor Agassiz and wrote several articles upon his works. 
He also wrote many of the descriptions accompanying Audubon's 
Book of Birds. He died at Charleston, 24 February, 1874. His 
daughter, Maria Bachman. born 1816, married 1837, John W. 
Audubon, son of the naturalist. Her sister, Eliza Bachman, born 
18 1 8, married 1839, Victor G. Audubon, also a son of the natural- 
ist, and is buried in Audubon Park, N. Y. Another daughter, 
Lynch Helen Bachman, married 2 January, 1851, Robert Trail 

Mr. Chisolm died, leaving issue by first marriage: 

XXII. I. Henry Lewis Chisolm, bom 16 October, 
1828, died 25 April, 1891, married 6 April, 1852, Caro- 
line E. Moodie, died 19 October, 1879, daughter of 
James Gairden and Rosa A. Moodie, issue: 

XXIII. I. Lewis Henry Chisolm, born 2 January, 
1853, died 4 September, 1886, married 3 December, 
1884, Sallie, daughter of Winthorp Williams, no issue. 

2. Harriet Emily, born 24 January, 1855, 

died 9 November, 1862. 

3. Caroline Chisolm, bom 7 August, 


1863, died 22 November, 1894, niar- 
ried 7 January, 1887, William E. 
Vincent, Jr., son of William E. Vin- 
cent, with issue: 
XXIV. I. Mattie Boon Vincent. 

2. Marie Chisolm Vincent. 

3. William E. Vincent, III. 

XXIII. 4. Henry Lewis Chisolm, born 14 Novem- 
ber, 1869, died 1903. 

XXII. 2. John Julian Chisolm, M.D., bom in 
Charleston, 30 April, 1830, graduated from Medical 
College of South Carolina, 1850, later studied in several 
of the European universities. Professor of surgery in 
his alma mater, 1858. On outbreak of Civil War he re- 
ceived the first medical appointment in the Confederacy, 
attending the wounded at Fort Sumter. He was author 
of Manual of Military Surgery, which was adopted as the 
official text-book of the Confederacy. Resumed his chair 
at Medical College in 1865, but removed to Baltimore 
in 1869, and was at once made professor of operative 
surgery and clinical professor of diseases of the eye and 
ear in the Medical School of the University of Maryland. 
He was Dean of the Faculty, 1 869-1 874. In 1873 he 
gave up surgery and devoted himself thenceforth ex- 
clusively to his specialty, in which he achieved an 
international reputation. He was a prolific writer, a 
skillful operator and a man of extraordinary energy. 
He was Chairman of the Ophthalmologists Section of 
the International Medical Congress of 1887. The great 
work of his life was the founding in 1877 of the Presby- 
terian Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital of Baltimore, one 


of the largest special hospitals in the country. He was 
a member of the American Medical Association and 
kindred institutions and societies. In 1894, shortly 
after a trip to Europe, he was stricken with apoplexy 
and aphasia, and his active work ceased. He then 
gradually failed until his death in Petersburg, Virginia, 
on I November, 1903. 

He msLTvied first 3 February, 1852, his cousin, Mary 
Edings Chisolm, only daughter of George and Sarah 
(Edings) Chisolm. She died 29 March, 1888, and he 
married secondly 14 June, 1894, M. Elizabeth Steel, 
daughter of Dr. David Steel of Petersburg, Virginia. 
He left issue by first marriage : 

XXin. I. Julia Chisolm, born 18 January, 1854, 
died 3 July, 1903, married 16 June, 1875, Glover Holmes 
Trenholm, born 5 October, 1849, son of Edward L. and 
Eliza Bonsai (Holmes) Trenholm of Charleston, S. C, 
with issue : 

XXIV. I. Mary Chisolm Trenholm, born 14 June, 
1876, married 28 October, 1909, James F. Ferguson, son 
of James Du Gue and Rita (Simmons) Ferguson, issue: 

XXV. I . James Du Gue Ferguson, bom 28 Aug- 

ust, 1 9 10. 

2. Glover Trenholm Ferguson, born 29 
June, 1912. 
XXIV. 2. Julia Chisolm Trenholm, born 4 Feb- 

ruary, 1878. 

Eliza Holmes Trenholm, born i Decem- 
ber, 1880, married 23 June, 1909, 
Walton H. Hopkins, M.D., bom, 29 
May, 1 88 1, with issue: 


XXV. I. Thomas Walton Hopkins, bom 12 
March, 191 1. 

2. Sarah Catherine, born 13 February, 


XXIV. 4. JuHan Chisolm Trenholm, bom 9 Janu- 
ary, 1883, married April, 191 1, Augusta McKellip, with 
issue : 

XXV. I. Augusta McKellip Trenholm, born 29 
June, 1912. 

2. Donald Chisolm Trenholm, born April, 

XXIV. 5. Evelyn Chisolm Trenholm, born 22 
March, 1885, married 26 September, 1906, Hardy C. 
Gieski, with issue: 

XXV. I. Edward Trenholm Gieski, born 8 Aug- 
ust, 1907. 

2. Evelyn de Deriver Gieski, born 1 1 April, 
XXIV. 6. Glover Chisolm Trenholm, born 4 
December, 1886. 

XXIII. 2. Francis Miles Chisolm, M.D., born 
September, 1867, married 29 November, 1890, Lillian 
B. Baugher, born 23 July, 1864, with issue: 

XXIV. I. John Julian Chisolm, born June, 1896. 
2. Donald Gordon Chisolm, born August, 

Dr. Chisolm had issue by his second 
marriage : 
XXIII. 3. Katherine Chisohn, born 14 January, 

XXII. 3. Robert George Chisolm, bom 30 Nov- 


ember, 1831, married first Mary Gregg, who died 18 
February, 1873. He married secondly Maria Horlbeck, 
daughter of Elias and Harriet (Chisohn) Horlbeck, no 
issue. He leftjssue by first marriage: 
XXni. I. "^ Robert G. Chisolm. 

2. Harriet Chisohn, married Rev. Edward 
Trail Horn, with issue : 
XXIV. I. Robert Chisohn Horn. 

2. Rev. William Melchior Horn 

3. Isabel Horn. 

4. Harriet Emily Horn. 

5. Edward Trail Horn. 

6. Mary Gregg Horn. 
XXIII. 3. Louise Chisolm. 

4. John Edwards Chisolm, married Eliza- 
beth Cawlwell, no issue. 

XXII. 4. Caspar A. Chisolm, bom 16 October, 
1833, died 18 March, 1910, married 26 September, 1866, 
Mary Bellinger Gregg, daughter of William Gregg, bom 
7 September, 1835, died 9 September, 1905, with issue: 

XXIII. William Gregg Chisolm, bom 10 January, 
1868, died 4 November, 1901, married 6 December, 
1892, Nannie Miles, daughter of Rev. William Porcher 
Miles, D.D., of New Orleans (who married as her second 
husband, E. W. Durant, Jr.), with issue: 

XXIV. I . William Miles Chisolm, bom 9 Septem- 
ber, 1893. 

2. Caspar S. Chisohn, bom 4 January, 


3. Beim Chisolm, bom 23 November, 



4. Mary Gregg Chisolm, bom 3 Novem- 
ber, 1 90 1. 

XXII. 5. Emily Providence Chisolm, bom 12 
November, 1835, married 1867, Stephen L. Howard, 
son of Robert Howard, with issue: 

XXIII. I. Emily Howard, died yoimg. 
2. Robert Howard died young. 

XXII. 6. Evelyn Z. Chisolm, bom 17 August, 
1839, unmarried. 

Mr. Robert Trail Chisolm, had issue by his second 
wife. Lynch Helen Bachman: 

XXII. 7. John Bachman Chisolm, born 24 Octo- 
ber, 1 85 1, married 5 October, 1882, Octavia de Saussure, 
daughter of Louis D. de Saussure, bom 28 December, 
i860, with issue: 

XXIII. I. Sarah de Saussure Chisolm, born 25 
July, 1883. 

2. Lynch Helen Chisolm, bom 7 July, 


3. Louis de Saussure Chisolm, bom 17 No- 

vember, 1886. 

4. Emily Providence Chisolm, bom i No- 

vember, 1888. 

5. John Bachman Chisolm, bom 22 Aug- 

ust, 1896. 

6. Octavia de Saussure Chisolm, bom 12 

July, 1 90 1. 


The de Saussures, so distinguished in the annals of South 
Carolina, are descended from an old family of Lorraine. France. 


The first in America was Henri de Saussure and his wife, Magde- 
line, who settled in Beaufort in 1730. Three of his sons lost their 
lives in the Revolution. Another son, Daniel, also served in the 
army and was later President of State Senate, 1790-91, also one 
of original board of trustees of Charleston College. He was the 
father of Hon. Henry William de Saussure, born 16 August, 1763, 
died 29 March, 1839, captured by British and sent to Philadel- 
phia, where he studied law under Jared Ingersoll. Delegate to 
South Carolina Convention of 1789, which adopted Federal 
Constitution. Appointed by President Washington second di- 
rector of the Mint, 1795 ; Mayor of Charleston, 1797-8 ; one of the 
founders of South Carolina College; Chancellor and Chief Justice 
of South CaroHna, 1808-1838, when he retired. He married in 
1785 Miss Ford of Morristown, N. J., and by her left several 
children, among whom were: 

1 . Henry A. de Saussure, lawyer, whose son, Louis Daniel de 
Saussure, was the father of Octavia de Saussure, who married J. 
Bachman Chisolm. Another son was Gen. Wilmot Gibbes de 
Saussure, born 23 June, 1822, died i February, 1886, graduated 
South CaroHna College, 1840; Member of Legislature, 1856-60; 
commanded troops at Fort Moultrie, i860; adjutant and inspec- 
tor-general during Civil War ; President of South Carolina branch 
of the Society of the Cincinnati; of St. Andrew's Society; of the 
Charleston Library Societ}'-; of the St. Cecilia Society and of the 
Huguenot Society of South Carohna. 

2. Hon. WiUiam Ford de Saussure, born 1792 died 1870, 
graduated Harvard 18 10, Member of Legislature for many years, 
and appointed in May, 1852 United States Senator from South 

3. Daniel de Saussure, whose daughter, Octavia, married 
Louis Daniel de Saussure, and was the mother of Octavia, the 
wife of J. Bachman Chisolm. 

XXIL 8. Alfred de Jouve Chisolm, born 26 May, 
1853, died 2 May, 1882, unmarried. 

9. William Bachman Chisolm, born May, 


1858, married first 28 November, 
1877, Felicia Oliveres Hall, died Feb- 
ruary, 191 o, daughter of William P. 
Hall. He married secondly, 7 June, 
191 1, Katherine A. Reed, sister of 
Mrs. Alexander T. Britton of Wash- 
ington, D. C. He had issue by first 
marriage : 
\ XXin. I. William Hall, born 18 December, 1878, 
died-24.-April, 1880. 

2. Susan Hall Chisolm, born 30 Novem- 

ber, 1880, married Mr. Dwight. 

3. William Bachman Chisolm, Jr., bom 8 

December, 1882. 

4. Tudor Hall Chisolm, born November, 


5. Caspar A. Chisolm, bom i October, 


6. Felix H. Chisolm, bom 16 July, 1888. 

7. Alfred de Jouve Chisolm, bom 28 July, 


8. FeHcia Hall Chisolm, bom July, 1892. 

9. Henry Chisolm, bom 19 June, 1895. 
XXn. 10. Katherine Prioleau Chisolm, bom 11 

August, 1867, married 8 September, 1900, Benjamin 
Deford Webb, of Baltimore, died 15 April, 1914, son of 
Albert Lee and Catherine (Deford) Webb, no issue. 

Line of Robert Trail Chisolm, M.D. 

XX. 4. Robert Trail Chisolm, M.D., of Edisto 
Island, (fourth son of Alexander and Christina Chisolm) 


was bom in 177- and died 1821, married Mrs. Margaret 
Elizabeth Evans, born 1778, died 1848, widow of 
William Evans, and daughter of Benjamin and Mary 
(Maynard) Edings, with issue: 
XXI. I. Julia Chisohn. 

2. Susan Matilda Harriet Chisolm, died at 
Columbia, S. C, 18 October, 1865, 
married 5 April, 1828, Oliver Hering 
Middleton, Esq., of Charleston. 


Arms: Arg. fretty sa., on a canton per chevron, or and sa, a uni- 
corn's head erased per chevron, gu and or, the horn sa. Crest: A 
garb or, handed vert, between two wings erect sa. Motto: "Regardez 
mon droit." 

The Middletons of South Carolina are one of the most dis- 
tinguished families in the United States, and are noted for their 
long record of public service. They are descended from (i) Henry 
Middleton of Twickenham, Middlesex, England, whose son (2) 
Edward Middleton, emigrated to Carolina, 1678. He was Justice 
of Peace, Lords Proprietors Deputy, Member of Grand Council, 
Assistant Justice of South Carolina, and died 1685. (3) His son, 
Hon. Arthur Middleton, born 1681, married Sarah, daughter of 
Jonathan Amory, Speaker of Commons House of Assembly. He 
was Lords Proprietors Deputy, Member of Grand Council, 
President of Convention of 17 19; President of His Majesty's 
Council, and Governor of Province. He left issue, (4) Hon. 
Henry Middleton, born 171 7, Lieutenant of Horse Guards, 
Speaker of Commons House of Assembly, President of His 
Majesty's Council, President of Provincial Congress; President of 
Continental Congress, 1774-5, married ^1^5/, Mary, daughter of 
John Williams, Esq. ; second, Mary Henrietta, daughter of Hon. 
William Bull, Lieutenant-Governor of South Carolina, third. Lady 


Mary Mackenzie, daughter of George, third Earl of Cromartie. 
One of his daughters, Henrietta Middleton, married Hon. Edward 
Rutledge, signer of the Declaration of Independence; another, 
Sarah, married Hon. General Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, U. 
S Minister to France. His son by his first marriage (5) Hon. 
Arthur Middleton, born 25 June, 1742, died i January, 1787, was 
Member of Provincial Congress, of Council of Safety, Delegate 
to Continental Congress, and signer of Declaration of Indepen- 
dence. He married Mary Izard, sister of Sarah, who married 
Lord William Campbell, Royal Governor of South Carolina, 1776, 
the younger son of the Duke of Argyle, and daughter of Walter 
Izard, with issue among others (6) Hon. Henry Middleton, born 
28 September, 1770, died 14 June, 1846, Representative and Sena- 
tor of South Carolina; Member of Congress; Minister Plenipo- 
tentiary to Russia and Governor of South Carolina. He married 
13 November, 1794, Mary Helen, daughter of Julines Hering, 
Esq. of Heybridge Hall, England, Captain of His Majesty's 34th 
Regiment, with issue among others: 

1. Arthur Middleton, born 28 October, 1795, Secretary to 
Legation and charg^ d'affaires at Madrid, married Paulina, 
Countess iBentinoglio, daughter of General Count Bentinoglio, 
Governor of Castle of San Angelo, and died 7 June, 1853, leaving 
one son, Henry Bentinogho Van Ness Middleton, who was Cap- 
tain of the Papal Zouaves and officer at the Court of King of 
Italy, having married Beatrice, Countess Cini, daughter of Count 
Cini, and grand-niece of Pope Leo XIII. 

2. Edward Middleton, Rear Admiral United States Navy, 

3. Oliver Hering Middleton. 

4. Hon. John Izard Middleton, born 4 February, 1800, 
Secretary of Legation at St. Petersburg, 1822, Speaker of South 
Carolina Assembly, 1848, State Senator, 1858. 

Oliver Hering Middleton was bom at Clifton, Glou- 
cestershire, England, 12 August, 1798 ; educated at South 
Carolina College; entered U. S. Naval Academy, but 


resigned and retired to his estates and life of an opulent 
planter. He married 5 April, 1828, Susan Matilda 
Harriet, only surviving daughter and heiress of Robert 
Trail Chisolm, M.D., and died at the residence of Gen- 
eral Rutledge, 44 South Bay, Charleston, 7 January, 
1892, with issue: 

XXn. I. Mary Julia Middleton, bom i February, 
1829, died 19 December, 1904, married 16 February, 
1854, Benjamin Huger Read, born March, 1823, died 
October, 1888, son of John Harleston and Emily Anne 
(Huger) Read, with issue: 

XXHI. I. Oliver Middleton Read, bom 6 Novem- 
ber, 1855, married first, 21 December, 1886, Mary 
Louise Gregorie, bom September, 1864, died April, 
1892, issue: 

XXIV. I. Mary Louise Read, born 5 November, 

2. Oliver Middleton Read, born 12 Janu- 

ary, 1889. 

3. Eliza Baker Read, born 3 June, 1890, 

married December, 19 12, William 
Walter Mangum, of Savannah. 
4. Julia Middleton Read, bom 17 April, 
He married secondly, January, 1898, Edith Matthew 
Glover, with issue : 

XXIV. 5. Benjamin Huger Read, bom May, 
6. Sanders Glover Read, born 4 March, 
XXIII. 2. Benjamin Huger Read, bom 16 Dec- 


ember, 1856, married 9 December, 1884, Ann Cleland 
Smith, with issue: 

XXIV. I. EHzabeth Middleton Read, born 31 
August, 1885, married 23 November, 191 1, Thomas 
Francis Cadwalader, son of John Cadwalader, of Phila- 
delphia, with issue: 

XXV. Thomas Francis Cadwalader, Jr., born 
November, 191 2. 

XXIV. 2. BenjaminHuger Read, born July, 1888, 
died 12 January, 1892. 

3. Cleland Kinloch Read, born March, 

1 89 1, died 5 January, 1892. 

4. Mary Middleton Read, bom 22 Dec- 

ember, 1892. 

5. Anne Cleland Read, born 5 August, 


6. Francis Kinloch Read, born 5 Septem- 

ber, 1895. 

XXIII. 3. Emily Anne Read, married Joseph M. 
Fox, of Philadelphia, with issue: 

XXIV. I. Mary Lindley Fox, married Mr. 
Devereux of New York. 

2 . Emily Read Fox . 

3. EHza Fisher Fox. 

4. William Logan Fox. 

XXIII. 4. Susan Chisolm Read, born, mar- 
ried 3 September, 1901, William Sidney Thayer, 
M.D., born at Milton, Mass., 23 June, 1864, son of 
James B. and Sophia (Ripley) Thayer, A.B., Harvard, 
1885, M.D., 1889, LL.D., Washington College, 1907; 
associate physician Johns Hopkins University; pro- 


fessor of clinical medicine; Fellow Royal Medical 
Society, London, member of numerous medical and 
scientific associations and author of several treatises; 
no issue. 

XXII. 2. Susan Matilda Middleton, bom 2 Janu- 
ary, 1830, died at St. Catherine's, Canada, 11 January, 
1880, unmarried. 

XXII. 3. Eleanor Maria Middleton, born 17 
April, 1 83 1, died 25 December, 1905, married 25 Janu- 
ary, 1858, Benjamin Huger Rutledge, bom 4 June, 1829, 
son of Benjamin Huger and Alice Ann (Weston) Rut- 
ledge, and a descendant of Hon. Hugh Rutledge, 
Chancellor of South Carolina, 1791-1811; graduated 
from Yale and studied law. In 1858, Captain of Char- 
leston Light Dragoons; Member of Convention which 
passed Secession Ordinance; raised to rank of Colonel 
and placed in command of the Fourth South Carolina 
Cavalry, C.S.A., and served through the War with 
distinction, being appointed Major-General by the 
Governor. He died 30 April, 1893, with issue: 

XXIII. I. Benjamin Huger Rutledge, married 
Emma Craig Blake, 5 October, 1892, daughter of 
Daniel Blake, Esq., issue: 

XXIV. I. Eleanor Middleton Rutledge, bom 23 
March, 1894. 

2. Emma Blake Rutledge, bom 24 August, 


3. Alice Weston Rutledge, bom i January, 


4. Benjamin Huger Rutledge, bom 11 

January, 1902. 




5. Amelia Van Cortlandt Rutledge, bom 

13 May, 1904. 

6. Susan Middleton Rutledge, bom 27 

July, 1906. 

7. Anne Blake Rutledge, born 13 July, 

XXIII . 2. Oliver Middleton Rutledge, married 
5 October, 1892, Helen Bayley Blake, sister of Emma 
Craig Blake, and daughter of Daniel Blake, issue: 



I. Helen Blake Rutledge, bom 10 August, 




Frances Blake Rutledge, bom 6 May, 

Oliver Middleton Rutledge, bom 5 

December, 1900. 
Elizabeth Rutledge, born 31 January, 

Dorothea Barclay Rutledge, bom 10 

October, 1905. 
Alice Weston Rutledge unmarried. 
4. Edward Rutledge married 31 October, 

1906, Lily Huger Wells, daughter of 

Edward and Anne Mason (Smith) 

Wells, issue: 
XXIV. I . Anna Wells Rutledge, bom 22 June, 1907. 

2. Ella Middleton Rutledge, bom 20 Octo- 

ber, 1909. 

3. EHza Huger Rutledge, born 30 March, 

XXII. 4. Emma Middleton, bom 4 March, 1834, 
died 5 May, 191 3, unmarried. 


5. Olivia Middleton, bom 25 April, 1839, 
married 6 December, 1864, Fred- 
erick Rutledge Blake, Esq., of New- 
ington, N. C, and Board House, 
Captain of 25th North Carolina 
Regiment, C.S.A., born 24 January, 
1838, son of Daniel Blake and his 
wife, Emma Middleton, daughter of 
Henry Rutledge, Esq.; grandson of 
Daniel Blake (i 775-1 834), and his 
wife, Ann Louisa, daughter of Hon. 
Arthur Middleton, Signer of Declara- 
tion of Independence; and great- 
great-great -grandson of Right Honor- 
able Col. Joseph Blake, Landgrave 
and one of the true and absolute 
Lords and Proprietors of Carolina, 
twice Governor of State, and a 
nephew of Admiral Blake of the En- 
glish Navy. Olivia Middleton and 
Frederick Rutledge Blake left issue: 
XXHL I. Edward Molyneux Blake, born 14 
January, 1866, Lieutenant U. S. Artillery, married 
Eleanor, daughter of Colonel Farley, U. S. A., with 
issue : 

XXIV. I. AyliffeB. Blake. 

2. Olivia Middleton Blake. 

XXIII. 2. Emma Rutledge Blake, born August, 
1868, died March, 1873. 

3. Daniel Blake, born October, 1872. 

4. Elizabeth Fisher Blake. 


XXII. 6. Oliver Hering Middleton, Jr., bom 17 
July, 1845, volunteered in Charleston Light Dragoons, 
C.S.A., and killed in action at Mattadequin Creek, 30 
May, 1864, unmarried. 

Line of Ann Chisolm 

XX. 6. Ann Chisolm, sixth child of Alexander and 
Christina Chisolm married 1796, Mungo Mackie, a 
Scotchman, with issue : 

XXI. I. Robert Mackie, died unmarried. 

2. George Chisolm Mackie, married Abi- 
gail Evans Jenkins, with issue: 

XXII. Mary Martin Mackay married 3 March, 
1859, William Maine Hutson, bom 27 June, 18 13, died 
18 Jvily, 1879, son of William Maine and Martha (Hay) 
Hutson, with issue. 

XXIII. I. Abigail Mackay Hutson, born 10 
December, 1859, married 13 June, 1878, Rev. J. D. A. 

2. Martha Hay Hutson, bom 26 April, 

1862, died 19 July, 1864. 

3. Thomas Woodward Hutson, bom 3 

October, 1864, died 10 May, 1865. 

4. Clara Glover Hutson, bom 18 October, 

1866, died 22 May, 1900. 

5. William Maine Hutson, born 17 Sep- 

tember, 1868, married 26 December, 
1894, Clara M. Knockenderfer, and 
lives in St. Augustine. Issue: 

XXIV. I . William Maine Hutson, bom 2 October, 



2. Edith Genevieve Hutson, bom 14 Octo- 

ber, 1900. 

3. Albert Donald Hutson, born 18 June, 

XXIII. 6. Woodward Evans Hutson, born 15 
December, 1875. 


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Benjamin Ogden, 55 
Caroline, 43, 64 
Caroline Ball, 37 
Caspar A., 68, 71 
Caspar S., 68 
Catherine Bryan, 58 
Charlotte Hayden, 33 
Charlotte Porcher, 37 
Christina, 24, 27, 37, 38, 43, 44, 

71, 79 

Christopher Gadsden, 34 
Donald Gordon, 67 
Donald Muhlenberg, 50 
Dorothy, 34 
Dorothy Rogers, 55 
Edward, 29 

Edward Neufville, 27, 29 
Edward North, 28, 33 
Elias Horlbeck, 44 
Eliza Drayton, 28 
Eliza Laurens, 36 
Elizabeth Harsen, 56 
Elizabeth Prioleau, 43 
Ehzabeth Wells, 59 




Chisolm, Ella Louise, 42 
Emily Providence, 69 
Eugene, 46 
Evelyn Z., 69 
Felicia Hall, 71 
Felicia North, 33 
Felicia Robinson, 33 
Felix H., 71 
Frances Boardman, 32 
Francis Miles, 67 
Frederick Eraser, 34 
George, 26, 28, 38, 40, 42, 45, 46, 

56, 63, 66 
George Augustus, 42 
George Edings, 46, 50, 53 
George Hey ward, 32 
Georgianna, 38 
Guy Maxwell, 34 
Harriet, 37, 44, 68 
Harriet Bryan, 59 
Harriet Emily, 64 
Helen Schieffelin, 32 
Henry, 71 
Henry Laurens, 36 
Henry Lawrence, 50 
Henry Lewis, 64, 65 
Hey ward, 37 
Hugh Legare, 46 
James, 27, 43 
James Julian, 59 
James Julius, 46, 56, 57, 58 
James North, 28 
Jane, 28 

Jane Caroline, 28 
Jessie Edings, 50 
John Bachman, 69, 70 
John Bounell, 44 
John Bryan, 46 
John Edwards, 68 
John Julian, 46, 65, 67 
John Laurens, 36 
John Maxwell, 27, 28 
John Rogers, 50 
Judith, 24 
Julia, 66, 72 
Julian J., 46 
Katherine, 67 
Katherine Prioleau, 71 
Laurens North, 29 
Lewis Henry, 64 
Lily, 46 

Louis de Saussure, 69 
Louisa Guerard, 33 
Louisa Isabel, 34 

Louisa Screven, 36 

Louise, 68 

Lucy Virginia, 28 

Lynch Helen, 68 

Malvina, 44 

Margaret Bryan, 46 

Margaret Horry, 37 

Margaret Horry Laurens, 36 

Margaret Laurens, 36 

Margaret Willing, 53, 54, 55 

Martha Laroche, 43 

Mary Edings, 46, 58, 66 

Mary Fredericka, 30, 49 

Mary Gregg, 69 

Mary Maria, 44 

Mary McBride, 43 

Maxwell, 34 

Nina Rhoades, 55 

Octavia de Saussure, 69 

Octavius, 43, 44 

Paul Hamilton, 59 

Priscilla Pixton, 55 

Providence Hext, 43, 44 

Richard SchieffeHn, 31 

Robert, 28, 32, 34, 36, 46 

Robert George, 37, 67, 68 

Robert Thurston, 28 

Robert Trail, 26, 37, 42, 45. 63, 

64, 69, 71, 74 
Ruth, 44 

Samuel JPrioleau, 42 
Sarah Caroline, 43 
Sarah Constance, 32 
Sarah de Saussure, 69 
Sarah Hunter, 34 
Sarah Maxwell, 26, 27, 29, 32 
Susan Emma, 29 
Susan Hall, 71 

Susan Matilda Harriet, 72, 74 
Thomas, 26, 27 
Thomas Hanscome, 43 
Tudor Hall, 71 
Valeria Laurens, 29 
Valeria North, 28 
William, 26, 37 
W^illiam Adolphus, 42 
William Alexander, 38 
WiUiam Augustus Muhlenberg, 

William Bachman, 70, 71 
William Edings, 30, 46, 47, 49, 

50, 58, 59, 63 
William Garnett, 63 
William Gregg, 68 



Chisolm, William Hall, 71 

Huntly, 21 ; Kent, 16; Kinnoul, 10; 

William Maxwell, 27, 34 

Lennox, 16; Lothian, 10; Mar, 15; 

William Miles, 68 

March, 62; Moray, 21; North- 

William Sextus, 43 

umberland, 62; Orkney, 11, 16, 21; 

Winifred Wheelwright, 55 

Perth, 10; Ross, 9; Seafield, 19; 

Cini, Countess, Beatrice, 73 

Seaforth, 15; Stratherne, 11 ; Sur- 

Clifford, Idonea de, 5 

rey, 20 

Roger, 5 

Edings Family, 45 

Cotton, Robert E., 37 

Edings, Benjamin, 45, 72 

Crawford, Daniel, 29 

Joseph, 37, 45 

John A., 28 

Mary Eliza, 45, 72 

Crocker, Samuel E., 43 

Sarah M., 45, 56, 66 
William, 45 

Dana, Mrs. Sarah P. C, 43 

Edmondston, Benjamin W. F., 44 

Dandoli, Zilia, 39 

Catherine Devereaux, 45 

Dandridge, Mary Evelina, 60 

Charles, 44 

Davenport, James, 47 

EUzabeth Chisolm, 44 

Mary, 47 

George Chisolm, 44 

De Saussure, Family, 69-70 

Georgianna, 44 

De Saussure, Daniel, 70 

Gertrude, 44 

Henri, 70 

Henry Louise, 45 

Henry A., 70 

Jessie Coffin, 44 

Henry William, 70 

Mary Gertrude, 45 

Louis Daniel, 69, 7c 

Nina, 45 

Octavia, 69, 70 

Nora Lawton, 44 

William Ford, 70 

Edward IIL, King of England, 16, 62 

Wilmot Gibbes, 70 

Eliot, Augustus, Lord Heathfield, 9 

Delaplaine, Isaac C, 31 

Magdalene, 9 

Julia Matilda, 31 

Erchless Castle, i , 1 1 

Denmark, Eric, King of, 1 1 

Evans, Sarah, 45 

Ingeborga, Princess of, 11 

WilHam, 45, 72 

Dirleton, Lord, 8, 13 

Doges of Venice, 39 

Farley, Eleanor, 78 

Douglas, Earl of, Archibald, 8 

Farquharson, Farquhar, of Inver- 

Lady Margaret, 8 

caiild, 13 

Marion, 9 

Farrow, Louisa Chisolm, 33 

Marquis of, William, 56 

Patillo, 33 

Sir William, of Drumlanrig, 


Fawnys, Christian de, 8 

Drummond, James, Baron Maderty, 

Richard de, 8 


Fenton, Janet, 21 

William, Viscount Strathallan, 

Lord, William, 21 


Ferguson, Glover Trenholm, 66 

Dukes of: Albany, 9; Argyle, 


James Du Gu6, 66 

Clarence, 62; Marlborough, 


James F., 66 

Queensberry , 9 ; Rothesay, 


Ferrers, Sibella, 5 

Somerset, 16 

William, Earl of Derby, 5 

Dunbar, Lady Janet, 21 

Field, Cortlandt de Peyster, 54 

Thomas, Earl of Moray, 21 

Finney, Elizabeth, 54 
Fitz-Alan, Lady Alice, 16 

Earls of: Athol, 15, 16; Athole, 


Richard, Earl of Arundell, 16 

Argyle, 16; Arundell, 16; Caith- 

Ford, Christina Chisolm, 44 

ness, II; Cromartie, 15, 


George Gaillard, 44 

Cumberland, 5; Derby, 5; Douglas, 

Mary Providence, 44 

8; Effingham, 52; Glencairn, 


Foscari, Francesco, 39 



Fox, Eliza Fisher, 75 

Evelyn de Deriver, 67 

Emily Read, 75 

Hardy C., 67 

Joseph M., 75 

Glamys, Lord, 21 

Mary Lindley, 75 

Glencairn, Earl of, William, 10 

William Logan, 75 

Glover, Edith Matthew, 74 

Franklin, Benjamin, 47 

Gordon, Sir Alexander, 21 

Sarali, 47 

Sir George, 54 

Fraser Family, 20-21 

Janet, 21 

Eraser, Agnes, 13, 15, 21 

Thomas, 54 

Alexander, of Eskadale, 20, 21 

Gouges, Charlotte Olympia de, 61 

Sir Andrew, 21 

Gen. Jean Pierre, 61 

of Ballindorn, 20 

Graham, William Irving, 29, 31 

Bernard, 20 

Grant Family, 19 

Gilbert, 20 

Grant, Sir Duncan, 19 

Hugh, of Eskadale, 20, 21 

Elizabeth, 15 

Hugh, Lord Lovat, 13, 15, 17, 21 

Gregorius, 19 

James, 17, 21 

Sir John, 19 

Janet, 17, 20 

John, 15 

Janet Agnes, 21 

John Mor, 19 

Margaret, 19, 21 

Sir Lawrence, 19 

Sir Simon, 21 

Malcolm, 19 

Thomas, 21 

Mary, 18 

Thomas, Lord Lovat, 21 

Patrick, 19 

William, 21 

Sir Robert, 19 

William, Lord Stray, 21 

Gregg, Mary, 68 

Mary BeUinger, 68 

Gadsden, Christopher P., 33 

William, 68 

Elizabeth Prioleau, 33 

Gregorie, Mary Louise, 74 

Gaillard, Ellen, 27 

Grimball, Thomas, 40 

Gallaudet, Joshua, 39 

Guerard, Jacob, 32 

Peter, 39 

Louisa Screven, 32, 34 

Gamble, Jennie May, 34 

Guest, Bernard Robertson, 36 

Garnett Family, 59-63 

Garnett, Alexander Ylverton Peyton, 

Haliburton Family, 8 


Haliburton, Alice, 8 

Edgar Malcolm, 62 

Catherine, 8, 13 

Helen, 59, 63 

David, 8 

James, 59 

Sir Henry, 8 

James Mercer, 60 

Sir John, 8 

John, 59 

Margaret, 7, 8 

Maria, 60 

Philip, 8 

Muscoe, 59, 60, 61, 62 

Traite, 8 

Muscoe Russell Hunter, 60, 61 

Sir Walter, 7, 8, 13 

Richard Brooke, 61 

Sir William, 8 

Robert Selden, 61 

Hall, Felicia Oliveres, 71 

Robert Selden, Jr., 61 

William P., 71 

William, 61 

Hamersley Family, 53-54 

Gascoigne, Elizabeth, 62 

Hamersley, Andrew, 54 

Sir William, 62 

Andrew Gordon, 54 

Gendron, Mary Magdalen, 40 

Catherine, 54 

Philippe, 40 

Catherine Livingston, 55 

Gibbes, Allston, 27 

Helen Reade, 54 

William Hasell, 23, 2"] 

Sir Hugh, 53 

Gieski, Edward Trenholm, 67 

James Hooker, 53, 54 



Hamersley John William, 54 
Louis Carre, 54 
Louis Gordon, 55 
Margaret Rogers, 55 
Virginia, 54 
William, 54 
Harald, Thane of Caithness, 2 
Harleston, Affra, 57 
Edward, 57 
Isaac, 57 
John, 57 
John, Jr., 57 
Harrison, Benjamin, 60 
Benjamin, Jr., 60 
William Henry, 60 
Hay ward, Emily M. D., 62 

Thomas, 62 
Hazzard, Mary Elizabeth, 29 

William Wigg, 29 
Herbert, H. G., 50 
Hering, Julines, 73 

Mary Helen, 73 
Herriott, Eliza, 38 
Henry, 38 
Minna, 38 
Hext Family, 41 
Hext, David, 40 
Elizabeth, 41 
Hugh, 41 
Providence, 40 
Sarah, 41 
Hey ward, William Marion, 34 
Hicks, William T., 53 
Holland, Lady Margaret, 16 

Thomas, Earl of Kent, 16 
Holmes, Eliza Bonsai, 66 
Hooker, Catherine Livingston, 54 
James, 54 
Rev. Thomas, 54 
Hopkins, Sarah Catherine, 67 
Thomas Walton, 67 
Walton H., 66 
Horlbeck, Charlotte Porcher, 37 
Elias, 37, 68 
Henry, 38 
Henrietta, 37 
James Moultrie, 38 
Katherine, 37 
Maria Louise, 37, 68 
Marian, 37 
William Chisolm, 37 
Horn, Edward Trail, 68 
Harriet Emily, 68 
Isabel, 68 

Mary Gregg, 68 

Robert Chisolm, 68 

William Melchior, 68 
Howard, Emily, 69 

Francis, Earl of Effingham, 52 

Robert, 69 

Stephen L., 69 
Huger, Daniel Elliott, 36 

Emily Anne, 74 

William E., 36 
Hunter, James, 60 

Robert Mercer Taliaferro, 60 
Hutson, Abigail Mackay, 79 

Albert Donald, 80 

Clara Glover, 79 

Edith Genevieve, 80 

Martha Hay, 79 

Thomas Woodward, 79 

William Maine, 79 

Woodward Evans, 80 

Inglis, Alexander, 26 

Mrs. Jane, 25, 26 
Izard, Mary, 73 

Sarah, 73 

Walter, 73 

Jackson, Mary Agnes, 36 
Jay, John, 30 

Mary, 30 
Jenkins, Abigail Evans, 28 

Mary, 42 
Jervey, Charles Heyward, 29 
Jones, Bart., Sir John Thomas, 52 

Lander, Caspar, 30 

Mary, 30 
Lauder Family, 6-7 
Lauder, Anne, 6 

Sir Robert de, 6, 7 
Laurens Family, 35 
Laurens, Andrew, 35 

Eliza Rutledge, 36 

Henry, 35, 36, 57 

John, 34, 35 

John Ball, 35 

Mary, 35 

Margaret Horry, 34, 36 
Law, Allie, 44 
Lawrence Family, 50-53 
Lawrence, Caroline, 52, 53 

Catharine Maria, 52 

Catherine, 53 

Cornelius W., 52 



Lawrence, Edith, 50, 53 

Effingham, 52 

Hannah, 30 

Harriet, 53 

Henry, 51 

Henry Effingham, 50, 53 

John, 30, 51 

John W., 52 

Joseph, 52, 53 

Margaret Townsend, 52 

Mary Trimble, 53 

Richard, 52 

Sir Robert, 50 

Thomas, 51, 53 

WiUiam, 51, 52 
Legar^, Eliza Catherine, 46, 56 

Hugh Swinton, 56 

Solomon, 56 

Thomas, 56 
Leonetti, Count John B., 43 
Lewis, Col. Fielding, 61 

Mary WiUis, 61 
Littleton, Sir Edward, 62 

Nathaniel, 62 
Livingston, John Henry, 54 

Robert, 54 
Logan, Wade Hampton, 32 
Loredano, Pietro, 39 
Lucas, Elizabeth, 37 

Thomas, 37 
Lynch, Elizabeth, 57 

Thomas, Jr., 57 
Lyon, Lady Margaret, 21 
Lyttleton, Sir Thomas, 62 

McCarty, William Mason, 63 
McCrea, Alfred Chisolm, 33 

W. A., 33 
McKay, George Knox, 31 

Margaret Helen, 30 
McKellip, Augusta, 67 
Macdonald, Aeneas, 14 

Angus, II 

Angus-Oig, Lord of the Isles, 12 

Godfrey, 1 1 

John, Lord of the Isles, 1 1 

Margaret, 15, 18 

Mora, 12 
Mackenzie Family, 14 
Mackenzie, Alexander, 15, 17, 18 

Catherine, 17 

Colin, 15 

George, 20 

George, Earl of Cromartie, 73 

Hector Roy, 1 5 

Janet, 14, 15 

John, 15 

Sir Kenneth, 14, 15, 21 

Margaret, 18 

Lady Mary, 73 

Mary, 20 

Murdoch, 15, 18 

Roderick, 17, 18 
Mackie, George Chisolm, 79 

Mary Martin, 79 

Mungo, 79 

Robert, 79 
Mackintosh Family, 12 
Mackintosh, Angus, 12 

Ferquhard, 12 

Lauchlan, 12, 21 

Malcolm, 19 

Margaret, 12, 21 

Muriel, 19 

Shaw, 12 

William, 12 
Maclean, Ewen, of Ardgour, 13 
Macleod, Finguala, 15 

Malcokn, of Harris, 15 
Macrae, Kenneth, 20 
Magnus, King of Norway, 1 1 
Mar, Donald, Earl of, 15 
Marjorie, Princess of Scotland, 20 
Martin, Harriet, 64 

John Nicholas, 64 
Mason, George, of "Gunston," 63 

John, 54 

Sarah, 54 
Maxwell, Mrs. Peter, 25, 26 

Mrs. Sarah, 24 

Sarah Glaze, 25, 27, 29, 32 

William, 25, 27 
Maynard, Mary, 45, 72 
Mazyck, Elizabeth Le Serurier, 23, 43 

Stephen, 23 
Mercer Family, 59-60 
Mercer, Anna, 60 

Charles Fen ton, 60 

George, 60 

Grace Fenton, 59, 60 

James, 60 

John, 59 

John Francis, 59 

Maria, 61 

Mary Eleanor Dick, 60 
Merlat, Rev. EUas, 39 

Jeanne, 39 
Middleton Family, 72 



Middleton, Ann Louisa, 78 

Arthur, 72, 73, 78 

Edward, 72, 73 

Eleanor Maria, 76 

Emma, 77 

Henrietta, 73 

Henry, 72, 73 

Henry B. Van Ness, 73 

John Izard, 73 

Mary Julia, 74 

Oliver Hering, 72, 73 

Oliver Hering, Jr., 79 

Olivia, 78 

Sarah, 73 

Susan Matilda, 76 
Miles, Nannie, 68 

William Porcher, 68 
Montgomery, Giles, 12 

Hugh, 12 
Moodie, Caroline E., 64 

James Gairden, 64 
Moore, Mary, 57 

"King" Roger, 57 
Mordington, Agnes de, 8 

Peter, 8 
Moreville, Hugh de, 4 

Maude, 4 
Mortimer, Edmund, Earl of March, 

Lady Elizabeth, 62 
Moultrie, Annabella, 57 

James, 57 
Muhlenberg Family, 48-49 
Muhlenberg, Frederick Augustus, 48 

GotthUf Heinrich Ernst, 48 

Heinrich Melchior, 48 

Henry Augustus, 48 

Henry William, 47, 49 

John Peter Gabriel, 48 

Mary Ann C., 47, 49 

William Augustus, 47, 49 
Murat, Prince Achille, 61 

Joachim, King of Naples, 61 
Muscoe, Elizabeth, 59 

Napier, John, of Merchistoun, 10 
North, Ann Jane, 28 

Eliza Drayton, 28 
Nourse, Anna, 47 

Oakley, Matilda Cruger, 47 

Thomas Jackson, 47 
Olmsted, C. T., 53 
Orkney, Isabella of, 1 1 

Earl of, John, 11, 21 
Earl of, Magnus, 1 1 
Margaret of, 21 
Osgood, Howard, 53 

Paul, Arthur, 33 

Charles P., 33 
Pearsall, Amy, 52 
Pegu^s, George E., 58 
Percy, Lord, Henry, 5 

Henry, Earl of Northumberland, 

Sir Henry, "Hotspur," 62 

Lady Margaret, 62 
Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth, 73 
Pixton, George, 47 

Mary, 47 
Plantagenet, Edmund, Earl of Kent, 

Lady Joan, 16 

Lionel, Duke of Clarence, 62 

Lady Phillipa, 62 
Pope Leo XIII., 73 
Porcher, Marianne, 37 

Peter C, 29 
Prioleau Family, 38-40 
Prioleau, Alice, 29 

Alice Chisolm, 32 

Antonio, 39 

Arthur Perroneau, 32 

Elias, 39, 40 

Elijah, 40 

Elisha, 39 

Elizabeth, 40 

Elizabeth Harleston, 32 

Jacob Ford, 33 

John G., 29 

Louisa Guerard, 33 

Martha, 40 

Mary, 40 

Mary Magdalen, 40 

Philip, 40 

Providence Hext, 40, 45, 63 

Samuel, 39, 40, 41 

Valeria ChisoLm, 29 
Priuli, Antonio, 39 

Girolamo, 39 

Lorenzo, 39 

Maria, 39 

Nicolo Antonio, 39 

Radcliffe, Judith, 22 
Read, Ann Cleland, 75 

Benjamin Huger, 74, 75 



Read, Cleland Kinloch, 75 

Eliza Baker, 74 

Elizabeth Middleton, 75 

Emily Anne, 75 

Francis Kinloch, 75 

John Harleston, 74 

JuHa Middleton, 74 

Mary Louise, 74 

Mary Middleton, 75 

Oliver Middleton, 74 

Sanders Glover, 74 

Susan Chisolm, 75 
Reade, Col. George, 61 

Mildred, 6i 
Reed, Katherine A., 71 
Rhett, Catherine, 57 

Col. William, 57 
Rhinelander, Mary Rogers, 47 

William, 47 

William Christopher, 47 
Rhoades, Cornelia Harsen (Nina), 55 

Elizabeth, 55 

John Harsen, 55 
Robert, Christopher Rhinelander, 47 

Mary, 47 
Robins, Col. Obedience, 62 
Robinson, FeUcia Hurtel, 33 

Murray, 33 
Rogers Family, 47 
Rogers, Ichabod, 47 

Jeremiah, 47 

John, 47, 49 

Mary, 47 

Mary Ann, 47 
Rose, Alexander, 17 

Hugh, of Kilravock, 10 

Wilham, 17 
Ross, Lady Janet, 21 
Rutledge, Alice Weston, 76, 77 

Amelia Van Cortlandt, 77 

Anna Wells, 77 

Anne Blake, 77 

Benjamin Huger, 74, 76 

Dorothea Barclay, 77 

Edward, 41, 73, 77 

Eleanor Middleton, 76 

EHza, 34, 35, 36 

Eliza Huger, 77 

Elizabeth, 77 

Ella Middleton, 77 

Emma Blake, 76 

Emma Middleton, 78 

Frances Blake, 77 

Francis Huger, 42 

Helen Blake, 77 
Henry, 78 
Hugh, 42, 76 
John, 35, 41 
Oliver Middleton, 77 
Susan Middleton, 77 

Savage, Margaret, 62 
Thomas, 62 


Schieffelin, Charles (Miller), 30, 49 
Effingham, 30 
Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, 


George Richard, 31 

Helen Lawrence, 50 

Helen Margaret, 29, 31 

Henry Hamilton, 30 

Jacob, 30 

Julia Rhinelander, 49 

Mary Chisolm, 49 

Richard Lawrence, 30 

William Henry, 30 
Schutt, Caspar C, 63 

Harriet Emily, 37, 46, 63 
Scotland, Kings of : James I., 16; 
Malcolm IV., 20; Robert H., 57; 
Robert III., 8; Robert Bruce, 15, 
16; WilHam the Lion, 20 
Scott, Alexander, 9 

Margaret, 9 
Screven, Alice, 32 
Sheaffe, Mary, 47, 49 

William, 49 
Sinclair, Anne, 56 

Lady Eleanor, 16 

Sir Robert, 56 

William, Earl of Orkney, 16 
Smith, Ann Cleland, 75 

Ann Mason, 77 

Elizabeth, 51 

Richard, 52 
Spencer-Churchill, George C, Duke 

of Marlborough, 54 
Steel, David, 66 

N. Elizabeth, 66 
Stelle, Margaret, 54 
Stevens, Com. Edward A., 60 

Mary Barton Picton, 60 
Stewart, Earls of Athol, 15-17 
Stewart, Alexander, Lord High Stew- 
ard, 17 

Lady Elizabeth, 15, 16 

Elizabeth, 9 



Stewart, Lady Isabel, 9 

Sir James, Black Knight of Lorn, 

John, Earl of Athol, 15, 16 
John, Earl of Lennox, 16 
Sir John, of Bonkyl, 17 
Lispenard, 47 
Lady Margaret, 57 
Robert, Duke of Albany, 9 
Sir Robert, of Durisdeer, 9 
Sir Robert, of Innermeath, 17 
Walter, Lord High Steward, 15 

Stickney, Charles Dickinson, 54 

Stirling, Helen, 10 

Strathbogie, David de. Earl of Athole, 


Margaret de, 15 
Stratherne, Malise, Earl of, 1 1 

Matilda de, 11 
Sutherland, Alexander, Baron Duffus, 


Kenneth, Earl of, 9 
Swinton, Hugh, 56 
Sir John, 56 
Mary, 56 
William, 56 

Talbois, Anne, 62 

Sir George, 62 
Thayer, James B., 75 

William Sidney, 75 
Thurston, Edward North, 32 
Tonetti, F. M. L., 53 
Townley, Charles, 52 

Dorothy, 52 

Mary, 52 

Sir Richard, 52 
Townsend, Henry, 52 

Phebe, 52 

Rosetta, 52 , 

Thomas S., 52 
Trenholm, Augusta McKellip, 67 

Donald Chisolm, 67 

Edward L., 66 

Eliza Holmes, 66 

Evelyn Chisolm, 67 

Glover Chisolm, 67 

Glover Holmes, 66 

Julia Chisolm, 66 

Julian Chisolm, 67 

Mary Chisolm, 66 
Tweed, Mary, 58 

Robert, 58 

Underhill, Sir Edward, 53 

Capt. John, 53 

John, Bishop of Oxford, 53 

Lydia, 53 

Walter, 53 
Untermyer, Alvin, 55 
Urquhart Castle, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14 

Van Schlichtenhorst, Brandt Arentse, 

Van Schuyler, Filyp Pieterse, 54 
Van Uxem, James, 58 
Van Wyck, Cornelius, 52 

Harriet, 52 
Vaux, William de, 8 
Vincent, Esther, 46 

Maria Chisolm, 65 

Mattie Boon, 65 

WiUiam E., 65 
ViPouNT Family, 4 
Vipount, Emma de, 3, 5 

Isabella de, 5 

John de, 5 

Robert de, 4, 5 

Sir William de, 5 

William de, 3, 4, 5 

Walker, Mrs. Marie Whaley, 28 

Walter, Lee C, 58 

Warner, Col. Augustine (I.), 61 

Col. Augustine (II.), 61 

Mildred, 61 
Warren, Adelina de, 20 

William, Earl of Surrey, 20 
Washington, Betty, 61 

George, 61 

Lawrence, 61 

Mildred, 61 
Waters, Capt. Edward, 62 
Webb, Benjamin Deford, 71 
Weiser, Conrad, 48 
Wells, Edward, 77 

Lily Huger, 77 
Wemyss, Sir David, 21 

Isabel, 21 
Weston, Annie Duncan, 33 
Wheelwright, Annie G., 55 
Williams, John, 72 

Margaret, 40, 41 

Mary, 72 

Robert, Jr., 40, 41 

Sarah, 64 



Williams, Winthrop, 64 

Isabel Susannah, 23 

Willis, Byrd Charles, 61 

James, 22, 23 

Catherine, 61 

Janet, 23 

Henry, 61 

Janet Christina, 23 

Lewis, 61 

John, 22, 23 

Mary Champa, 61 

Judith Isabel, 22 

Wilson, Alexander, 22, 23 

Mary Philip, 23 

Alexander Chisolm, 23 

Robert, 22, 23, 43 

Anne, 23 

Samuel, 22 

Catherine Marianne, 43 

Windebanke, Sir Thomas, 62 

Christina, 23 

Wise, Henry A., 62 

Hugh Rose, 23 

Mary E., 62 











j^O cii